Rythiralliernamann Grungnat (a.k.a. Grungnat)

Grungnat is a powerful mage with an inferiority complex and a broad understanding of magic and its uses. As co-founder of Grungnat's Garbage Disposal he developed many revolutionary techniques for waste management before his own insecurity led him to commit the business fraud which sparked the interplanar Refuse War, decimating the city of Freeport.

Mental characteristics


Grungnat's is the premiere trash disposal solution for all your responsible disposal needs!
— Grungnat
  Grungnat is the magical influence behind Grungnat's Garbage Disposal. It is his responsibility to deal with the refuse after its collection, using his vast knowledge of the arcane to develop new and environmentally friendly disposal methods.

Accomplishments & Achievements

There's nothing a little magic can't solve.
— Grungnat
  Grungnat invented some revolutionary methods in managing garbage disposal due to the vast breadth of his knowledge of magic. His experience with Artisanal Magics allowed for easy sorting of waste products for recycling, while his basic competence with Agrokinesis permitted him to develop effective accelerated composting methods.

Failures & Embarrassments

Unfortunately Grungnat's fears of admitting weakness led to his downfall. Despite his highly effective methods for waste management he was unable to manage the sheer volume of refuse required to fulfill the contract with Freeport. Afraid to ask for the assistance he truly required Grungnat instead turned to Portal Magic to dump the excess waste into a random plane of existence.   Unfortunately for him the inhabitants of the plane of Jannada retaliated with a vengeance, decimating Freeport in the Refuse War. In the aftermath Grungnat was imprisoned for his crimes, Grungnat's Garbage Disposal was forced to undo the damage, and Grungnat's revolutionary successes in garbage disposal were all but forgotten.

Mental Trauma

His parents awarded him the first name of "Rythiralliernamann" by smashing together the names of several esteemed relatives. Not only has this fed into his inferiority complex as he strives to live up to the legacies of each, but even he has not yet determined its best pronunciation. As a result he generally introduces himself as "Grungnat".

Personality Characteristics


Grungnat has always hungered for recognition of his magical prowess. He fears his own sense of worthlessness and has developed a need to remain constantly in the spotlight of accomplishment and praise. As a result he has developed a tendency to overcommit himself and overpromise his results, which has led him into trouble on multiple occasions.   His most recent blunder led to promises of unachievable results in handling the garbage disposal of the large city of Freeport despite the fact Grungnat's Garbage Disposal had only handled small private contracts up to that point. Due to his subsequent imprisonment on the plane of Jannada this will likely remain his last mistake.

Virtues & Personality perks

Of course I can help you with that!
— Grungnat
  Grungnat is a loyal friend and a trustworthy confidant. He will do anything for those he loves, and as a result many of his personal missteps have occurred mainly due to his fears of letting down a friend.

Vices & Personality flaws

Grungnat remains insecure despite his true magical prowess, believing that he does not deserve the title of mage. He also lives in constant fear that his friends will someday realize that he does not deserve them, leading him to constantly make promises he fears he cannot keep in an effort to earn their approval.   This has led to many missteps throughout the years in his efforts to sooth his internalized self-doubt. When these efforts invariably fail it only reinforced his own notions of failure, even though he likely would have easily succeeded had he paced himself appropriately and understood his own daily limits.


Contacts & Relations

Grungnat's best friend is the Goblin Bob, co-founder of Grungnat's Garbage Disposal. Grungnat would do anything for his friend, a goal which drove him to constantly invent new ways of handling garbage disposal to further Bob's dreams. As he became overwhelmed with the contract with Freeport this same determination led to his use of portals to transport the trash to a different plane rather than admit he was incapable of fulfilling his promises without assistance.

Social Aptitude

Grungnat appears confident and self-assured in public, a highly practiced facade which hides his internal turmoil and insecurity. Constantly plagued by imposter syndrome he has become adept at making promises he fears he cannot fulfill due to his fears of disappointing others.



Best Friend and Business Partner (Important)

Towards Grungnat




Best Friend and Business Partner (Vital)

Towards Bob




The unlikely pair have been best friends ever since Grungnat saved Bob's life during a particularly violent bar fight. Bob values Grungnat's friendship as the talented mage is the only person to believe in Bob's vision of a revolutionary waste management business. Grungnat admires Bob's self-confidence, a trait he himself lacks, and wonders when his goblin friend will decide that Grungnat is not worthy of his friendship. Bob has been unable to assuage these insecurities, but not through lack of trying.

Current Location
Year of Birth
5694 CFE 57 Years old
Current Residence
Imprisoned on the plane of Jannada
Presented Sex
Brown and weary
Short styled dirty blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale pallor
5 ft 7 in
170 lbs
Aligned Organization

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