Bobbins Progan (a.k.a. Bob)

Bob is co-founder of Grungnat's Garbage Disposal and serves as the business manager and financial officer. He blames himself for The Refuse War and Grungnat's subsequent imprisonment on Jannada, believing he could have prevented the disaster had he paid more attention to his partner' s mental health. He now leads the cleaning efforts on Jannada, working to revive the business and maintain his 12 employees while also striving to make ammends to obtain the release of his partner.

Mental characteristics


Bob is one half of the leadership of Grungnat's Garbage Disposal, serving as the savvy businessman and financial officer. With the imprisonment of his partner Grungnat he is now sole proprietor of the failing business, which he has renamed to Honest Bob's Cleaning Jobs in an effort to escape its tarnished legacy. He and his 13 employees co tinue to clean Jannada in an effort to undo the damage caused by Grungnat's portals, and in the hope that a successful cleaning effort will convince the right people to free his partner from his imprisonment.

Failures & Embarrassments

Bob failed to notice Grungnat's increasing desperation to fulfill the Freeport contract until The Refuse War. He blames himself for his friend's imprisonment, insisting that if he had only realized how overworked his friend had become he could have stepped in to hire the help Grungnat needed before the insecure mage resorted to illegal dumping through Portals.

Personality Characteristics


Bob wishes to change Fillimet's perceptions of goblins as hoarders of junk, and his family's beliefs that his cleanliness is a sign of a lack of vision. This is why he talked his friend Grungnat into co-founding his waste management company, named Grungnat's Garbage Disposal in thanks for his friend's belief in his vision.


Bob cannot stand clutter, unlike most goblins. Where his kin see potential treasures for future endeavors Bob sees junk which should be recycled or destroyed.


Contacts & Relations

Grungnat has been Bob's best friend ever since Grungnat saved his life after a particularly wild bar brawl. Grungnat was the first individual to not only believe in Bob's dreams of building a waste management empire rather than laughing at the thought of a tidy Goblin, but also help try to make that dream a reality.   With Grungnat now imprisoned on Jannada Bob blames himself for not recognizing his friend's fatigue prior to The Refuse War. He has dedicated his life to efforts to clean up Jannada with the hope of rescuing his friend and saving Grungnat's Garbage Disposal and their twelve employees.

Family Ties

But why would you want to dispose of perfectly good junk?
— Bob's family
  Bob is estranged from his family. He loves them, and they love him, but he has decided that he cannot live his life surrounded by his family's hoarded "treasures" and they refuse to allow him to recycle them. He still writes them often and they occasionally respond, sending long-winded missives detailing their day to day events, peppered with pleas for him to return home and the occasional comment of support for following his dreams.



Best Friend and Business Partner (Important)

Towards Grungnat




Best Friend and Business Partner (Vital)

Towards Bob




The unlikely pair have been best friends ever since Grungnat saved Bob's life during a particularly violent bar fight. Bob values Grungnat's friendship as the talented mage is the only person to believe in Bob's vision of a revolutionary waste management business. Grungnat admires Bob's self-confidence, a trait he himself lacks, and wonders when his goblin friend will decide that Grungnat is not worthy of his friendship. Bob has been unable to assuage these insecurities, but not through lack of trying.

Current Location
Year of Birth
5702 CFE 49 Years old
Current Residence
Bob and his employees have been forcefully relocated to Jannada to undo the damage caused by his partner Grungnat.
Presented Sex
Green eyes
Thin wisps of gray
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale green, with wrinkles
3 ft 2 in
65 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
Why hoard junk when you can recycle it?
— Bob
Aligned Organization

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