Grungnat's Garbage Disposal

Grungnat's Garbage Disposal strives to provide an environmentally friendly solution for all your waste management needs. Due to a corporate scandal leading to the interplanar Refuse War and the fall Freeport they work largely in the plane of Jannada to undo the damage caused by their illegal dumping.


Grungnat is the company's Waste Management mage, developing and implementing new methods of magic usage to sort and dispose of waste. His partner Bob handles the finances and bidding for new contracts. The company maintains 12 additional employees who are responsible for gathering the refuse and performing any post-processing required after Grungnat sorts and processes the waste.

Public Agenda

Grungnat's Garbage Disposal strives to become the premier waste management company across the Andisol Valley and eventually all of Fillimet. They also advertise as an economically friendly solution which performs efficient and stringent sorting and processing methods to recycle or compost as much waste as possible.


Grungnat's Garbage Disposal was co-founded by Bob and Grungnat, two best friends seeking to revolutionize waste management. Bob wished to prove to the world, his family, and himself that goblins could become successful without retaining clutter. Grungnat was mainly seeking something to assuage his own self-doubt and determined helping his friend achieve a dream would be a good place to start. Bob named the company after Grungnat as thanks for his unfailing support towards his dream.   The business did have some early successes. Bob grew their clientele with competitive rates and arguments about how nobody understood clutter like a goblin. Grungnat revolutionizing the sorting and processing of waste through the vast breadth of his arcane knowledge, using Artisanal Magic to assist with sorting, Agrokinesis to promote faster composting, and various other magical skills for processing and recycling wastes. They maintained a healthy collection of private contracts throughout the eastern Andisol Valley and had hired 12 more employees to assist with the garbage collection as well as the post-processing of wastes not recycled with Grungnat's magic.   It was at this point, in 5721, the company caught the attention of Freeport, a thriving city along the Blackguard Ocean seeking to become the Valley's leader in environmental causes. Grungnat's revolutionary methods for sustainable waste management solutions fit the city's goals perfectly, and the company's largest contract was signed. Freeport would deliver the waste to the outskirts of the city and Grungnat's would magic it away into fertilizers and craft goods.   Greungnat refused offers to hire additional help for his efforts, insisting he had the business well in hand. Bob trusted his friend and returned his attention to the accounting books, never once suspecting that Grungnat's refusal centered around his own insecurities and fears that requesting help would eventually remove him from the equation as the company learned others could perform his tasks better. The waste piled up and, in desperation, Grungnat began utilizing his knowledge of Portal Travel to magic the waste away to a different plane, chosen at random.   That plane was Jannada, a beautiful plane cherished by the inhabitants for its natural, unspoilt beauty. Jannada's magic experts were able to trace the source of the refuse falling from the sky, pinpointing the city of Freeport. Plans began to assault the city, militaries and Battle Mages from across the plane joining forces against a common foe.   The assault itself was swift, organized, and brutal. Freeport was overwhelmed within the day, its populous city reduced to ruin. The militia put full power into delaying tactics to allow the ships in port to escape, laden down with panicked civilians fleeing the assault, before they surrendered to the Jannadan forces and sued for peace. Thus The Refuse War lasted less than a single day.   When the cause of the war was identified Grungnat's Garbage Disposal was disgraced and pressed into service to undo the damage done to Jannada, or else. Grungnat himself was imprisoned on Jannada for his crimes. The company's main focus now is to clear the refuse from Jannada, although Bob still tirelessly works to repair the company's image, even rebranding it to Honest Bob's Cleaning Jobs. Today the company takes on odd jobs to maintain the salaries of its 12 employees while they struggle to clean the mess from Jannada. Bob pushes for perfection in this task, not only for the company image but also in the hope his efforts will someday win the freedom of his friend.

Don't let your waste take up all your space.

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Corporation, Business
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Honest Bob's Cleaning Jobs
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