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Naturally Attuned

Individuals who are naturally attuned possess an innate attunement to the magical fields of Fillimet. They only require a Focus for particularly powerful spells although they can use one at any time to boost their magical attunement and therefore increase their magical success. They also typically possess a natural affinity towards a particular magical class or collection of classes.


The natural attunement of an individual begins to manifest when they are still a child, most frequently in the form of unintentional enhancements to personal projects or enhanced effects to their actions when playing. Those with a natural connection to crafts will perform basic Artisanal Magic without realizing, those with a gift for healing will help themselves and their friends with rudimentary Curative Magic, or individuals with a gift for Necromancy will find themselves conversing with spirits with little effort. The signs usually start small, with their skills growing quickly when receiving the appropriate training.

Affected Groups

Due to its genetic component, natural attunement is common in certain species, particularly the Dracoling, Frost Fae, and Feral Dragons as well as the mythical Noble Dragons and the extinct Redaxx. It also tends to run in families, meaning those with two naturally attuned parents are more likely to be naturally attuned themselves. It is carried on recessive genes for most species, excluding those typically naturally attuned.

Cultural Reception

Natural attunement is generally considered a gift, with many families who can afford to do so sending their attuned children for lessons in magic as soon as possible to enhance their skills. The Followers of the Hidden Flame, particularly Seekers, also strive to identify and teach talented individuals who otherwise may not have access to the lessons required to master their own innate skills.   The Order of Abstention takes the opposite opinions, viewing natural attunement as a curse to be fought. It is their belief that magic is a curse upon Fillimet and must be prevented at all costs to avoid the destruction of their world from magic pollution due to the Third Law of Magic.
Chronic, Congenital

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