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Alvaria Salviax Borskalux

Mother of Sarkav Borskalux and wife of Saxlux Borskalux, Alvaria was a simple seamstress in Northwood. She was known throughout the Northern Reach for her sewing abilities, frequently being called upon for her talents to create beautiful and unique clothing for the nobility in spite of the remoteness of her village. She raised her son Sarkav with assistance from her sister Moria Salviax.   Alvaria died under suspicious circumstances and was buried behind the family's house in a small ceremony attended only by her sister and her son, presided over by a visiting Seeker of the Hidden Flame. Historians believe her death sparked her son's efforts to assist the less fortunate that eventually led to the founding of the Church of the Heathen Prophet.
Year of Death
3232 CFE
Circumstances of Death
Died of bodily trauma due to unknown causes.

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