An extinct race of beings, the Redaxx are ancestors of several of the races on Fillimet. Almost mythical by today's descriptions, they were known for their leathery armor-like skin, sharp intellect, and minor telepathic abilities.   Playable Race: All Redaxx have minor telepathic powers. Male Redaxx can sense the emotions and desires of most other sentient creatures. Female Redaxx passively block all telepathic attempts unless the female decides otherwise.

Basic Information


Redaxx possessed four limbs, two arms and two legs. They possessed a leathery armored skin, a precursor to the Dracolings' scales.

Biological Traits

Males have super-empathic and limited telepathic abilities, allowing them to sense the emotions and desires of others, and alerting them if a creature nearby intends to attack them.   Females have innate telepathic capabilities that block super-empathic abilities and all attempts at telepathic readings or effects unless permitted by the female.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Redaxx were omnivores, requiring a well balanced diet of plant matter with some meats as supplement.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Redaxx are reasonably social and generally prefer to live in groups or villages with other sentient species. When threatened the males typically defend their village or group as a whole while the females form a secondary line of defense to protect the children, although each group will retain a few of the opposite gender as well due to their different but complimentary telepathic abilities.

Average Intelligence

The Redaxx are believed to have been highly intelligent, capable of advanced reasoning. Their famed intelligence likely had influence from their natural magical attunement and telepathic abilities.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Redaxx possessed a natural magical attunement which made them extremely adept at utilizing their Imperium. Their telepathic powers also meant they were formidable in conversation or combat, although these skills also led to their downfall.

Civilization and Culture

Historical Figures

Sarkav Borskalux, the Heathen Prophet, was a Redaxx who used his telepathic powers to expand his influence. As a result of his influence within the Northern Reach the Church of the Heathen Prophet was founded after his death to worship him and capitalize upon his name.

Common Myths and Legends

Mythology states that the early Redaxx were the favorite prey of the Zancig, a telepathic feline who would mentally freeze its prey before pouncing. Taking pity on the Redaxx, the Goddess Patheia gifted the Redaxx with their telepathic abilities to defend themselves from the Devil's Cat.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The Redaxx began to prefer to form romantic relationships outside of their own species. Males, accustomed to their ability to sense the emotions and desires of those around them, became complacent in determining the emotions and desires of female Redaxx. The females meanwhile became frustrated in the constant requirement to consciously drop their natural telepathic defenses to develop fulfilling relationships with the males.   As a result female Redaxx began to marry males of other species who could effectively read body language, while male Redaxx selected females from species who lacked telepathic defenses. As a result, the Redaxx as a species became extinct, but left its mark in several species still surviving to this day.
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Homo acutulus sensus
100 years
Average Height
6 ft to 8 ft
Related Myths

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