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Saxlux Borskalux

Saxlux Borskalux

Saxlux was the father of Sarkav Borskalux and husband of Alvaria Borskalux. A logger in his younger years, Saxlux was involved in an unfortunate accident resulting in a limp in his left leg. After the accident he worked at the tavern at the Inn of the Red Oak. He disappeared under mysterious circumstances, less than a year after the death of his wife.

Mental characteristics


Originally a Lumberjack by trade, Saxlux was forced into early retirement due to an accident on the job when his son Sarkav Borskalux was still very young. He picked up a job at the Tavern in the Inn of the Red Oak to help make ends meet, but his pride never recovered.
Year of Death
3233 CFE
Circumstances of Death
Disappeared a month before the first anniversary of his wife Alvaria's death, on his way to the town of Softmeadow to purchase flowers for her grave.
Aligned Organization

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