Moria Salviax

Moria Salviax (a.k.a. Auntie Mia)

Sister of Alvaria Borskalux, Moria helped raise Sarkav Borskalux in his younger years. After the death of her sister she served as a surrogate mother to Sarkav.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Moria helped raise her nephew Sarkav Borskalux from an early age, assisting her sister as needed so Alvaria Salviax Borskalux could also complete her orders as a seamstress. Sarkav came to call her "Auntie Mia" after his childhood attempts to pronounce her name.   After the death of her sister she became a surrogate mother to the Heathen Prophet, providing a listening ear and the emotional support previously provided by his mother. Once he began traveling for his ministry with the Hidden Flame she permitted the use of her address as his permanent home. As his popularity grew so did her assistance. Sarkav's potential future clients would contact Moria to request for help, and she would relay the day's new requests each night when Sarkav made his daily magical call.   After his death she went into a deep depression, mourning the loss of her nephew. The Church of the Heathen Prophet did attempt to reach out to her to serve in some official capacity, but she did not respond to their requests and instead slowly faded from the public eye.

Personality Characteristics


Moria always believed that everyone deserves a second chance, and that there was good in everyone although some people required more effort for this good to take hold and grow. She wished to help those around her find that good so they, too, could spread it around.
Neutral Good
Presented Sex

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