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Endless rift

The endless rift is a gigantic slash through the globe and seems to be thye only thing that holds those two sides together. When people stand at the edge they see a expanse of dark energy that is called Domur and it is always on the move. It can change in height, density and sometimes even color without any warning. Sometimes it forms mountains that tower over the rift, sometimes it creates canyons of dark energy. It also is the reason of the everchanging ocean currents as the so called Tumesängid(darkchannels in modern English) are always on the move.  


There are four bridges that connect the two sides. Each of these is managed by Eferdian empire as the bridges are enforced by the Zilok enfused metals and contractions. At the bloodrain days the bridges are in the hands of fate as the engines power down. And in the hands of 10 000 soldiers at every bridge from both sides as these are only safe ways to commute between two sides. All the bridges are named after the gods to infuriate the Vindilion Empire.

The bridge of Ephrenteim

This bridge is named after the god of law. It is the smallest of the four and is used mainly by the private merchants and common people who want to travel from side to side. It is located near the Ümron and Serculan cities.

The Bridge of Arentog

This bridge is the pinnacle of Eferian architecture. Powerful steel, fortified glass and thousands of pipes and cords that move the Zilok through the bridge. It is named after the God of peace, one of the more prominent gods in the Eferian pantheon. It is the most fortified of them and is used for Zilok transportation to Vindilion Empire.It is laced with cords that are infused with powerful magic and it is possible that the amount of Zilok that is transported over this briddge is far less than the amount which goes into fortifying the bridge. It is located in the most tumultuous area in the rift. Some scholars say that the madness there is caused by the Zilok that goes through it. It also appears more as a tunnel as the domur fully envelopes it most of the time.

The Bridge of Oluminh

God of light

The High Bridge of the Order


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