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Mabel Sweet

(a.k.a. ”Maple Syrup”)

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    The younger stepsister of Brom and Amos and the third ”kinda” member of the self-created Cowdogs, Mabel is seen as 'the baby' and typically the main recipient of Brom's incessant teasing. Confident and dogmatic, Mabel is the only member of the family capable of holding her own with Brom, her brutal nature displayed numerous times during arguments and interactions. Amos describes her often as being painfully direct with her words, showing awareness and reverence for Mabel’s evident intelligence. Despite moments of appreciation, Brom dismisses Mabel as a naive little girl. His continued refusal to acknowledge Mabel as an equal eventually begins to have the opposite effect.   It can be assumed that Mabel was young when her father adopted Brom and Amos, their conversations often revolving around nostalgic memories of childhood. While aware of their stark differences, Mabel has become a close friend of both her stepbrothers, often seen participating in hunts under her earned title of “Little Miss Shotgun“. A self-described "she-bitch", Mabel is the only woman known for being able to prioritize the use of shotguns during hunts, her ability to close distances often romanticized as an angry blur. Even under the intense scrutiny faced in an all-male profession, Mabel has both the bark and the bite necessary to command respect from her peers.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

While her history remains largely a mystery to Brom, Mabel has spent much of her life combating the environment she was born into, fostering a vicious hatred toward particular men and anyone who attempts to control her. By most appearances, Mabel comes across as a typical, troubled, young woman trying to find her place in the world. The reality, however, is different.   As Mabel reached adulthood, she fled home to follow a lover, returning years later empty-handed and changed. Her stepbrothers—alarmed by their baby sister's growth but welcoming her newly-formed cynicism—invited Mabel to accompany them west. Having nothing left to lose, Mabel agreed and has now hunted alongside her stepbrothers in No Man's Land for a year.  


Able to read and write legibly. Is often encouraged to become a teacher, though Mabel politely rejects the idea.


Works with her older stepbrothers as a Cowdog alongside numerous hunting parties in No Man’s.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Her hand is at thy throat yet you see her not.

Mental Trauma

  • Has very few remaining memories from early childhood save for traumatic flashes. Her father, who adopted Brom and Anthony during Mabel's youth, were her only companions in youth. While her father was not physically abusive, he was also inattentive to Mabel and had very little experience with raising young women. In many instances, he admitted these shortcomings to Mabel, which both strengthened their bond due to his humility while also damaging Mabel's trust in him. Being the only female child, Mabel was often belittled or subliminally taught that she was not worth as much as her older brothers. This, however, did more to infuriate Mabel than outright destroy her self-esteem.
  • Growing up, it was often Mabel's duty to pacify her older brothers during arguments. Their father flattered Mabel with praises of her being the "mature child", but this behavior only reinforced Mabel's idea that she must look after others before herself even at her own expense. This pattern was eventually broken in her young adulthood, but only after the misery of continuing to do so became too much for her to handle. Or, perhaps, the years finally caught up and Mabel was able to teach herself boundaries.
  • Was mentally and sexually abused in her youth, with some instances of sexual violence continuing into adulthood.

Intellectual Characteristics

Mabel is perhaps the most socially tactful member of the Cowdogs when compared to her older brothers.
Dirty blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
140-160 pounds
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