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Phoenix Designation Ceremony

Once a year, each Family in Fenixia celebrates the children who have finished their studies and are moving into service with that Family. This is when those children are given their role within the Family which will determine the course of their future.  

Role choice

  The Family Parent, who leads the family, will call out each child's name in order of their perceived merit. They then choose from the positions available. The First Chosen is the most prestigious designation, as they have all the possibilities open to them. Though most often the First Chosen chooses to become the protégé of the Family Parent. Those who haven't done well, and are called forward at the end of the ceremony have little choice in roles, or potential future progression within the family.   The order in which names are called is one of the responsibilities of the Family Parent. While exam results and skill with crystals are important, other aspects are also taken into account. Consideration is given to aspects like attitude, sociability, leadership, values, teachability, charisma and determination. It is unclear if parentage is also considered, but as that often correlates with crystal skills and exam results, it is hard to assess.   Nearly all of the roles available are within each Family, though there are a handful of roles in service to the Empire as a whole. These are available to chosens from all families, and when one is selected a special fire is lit atop their Family Tower to inform the other Families. This means that those roles shouldn't be chosen twice within two Families.  

Start adult life

  Once everyone has chosen their role, the young people leave behind their childhood by walking through a fire. On the other side, they are welcomed as adult members of the Family. They will then be allocated new lodgings related to their new role and move there from the Hall of Childhood.  


  After the ceremony there is a celebration with a feast and toasts to all the new high ranking members and their future prospects.

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