Knights of Bergspitze

The Knights of Bergspitze are a reclusive knightly order that secretly takes in magic users and helps them to control their powers. The Knights train their charges in their combat skills and to control their supernatural/magical abilities, although these manifest differently for each student.
  All members of the Knights of Bergspitze join the Order of the Hunt upon completing their training and their first mission. The Knights have not disclosed their magical nature to the Order, but they are not the only Hunters with magical or supernatural backgrounds.


Hauptritter - the leader of the order Landritter - infantry Pferderitter - cavalry Bogenritter - archers Zauberriter - mages Schaufelritter - squires Schildritter - Shield Knight Geisteritter - Specter Knight Königsritter - King Knight Schatzritter - Treasure Knight Maulwurfritter - Mole Knight Polarritter - Polar Knight Propellerriter - Propeller Knight Bastelritter - Tinker Knight
Founding Date
10 UA
Civilian, Knightly Order
Leader Title