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Temple of Raerom

A place of conflict.

Written by littletoes101

There's something strange about this temple. Suseil tries not to dwell on it, but something on eir face gives eir discomfort away. Braakklavkol pauses in xyr place.   "We can go inside?" Braak offers after a few seconds of silence. "Or we can not. That's cool, too."
— From Chapter ??? of Book 0 - After Man.
  The Temple of the God Raerom is one of the oldest temples in all of Felithera. Built by the Long-Spotted Cats of the Place of Much Rain during the late 1400s, the Temple has stood as a landmark for the border between the warring countries of Eglal and Askye. Originally, it was built in an attempt to keep peace between the aforementioned countries. However, it quickly became a symbol of oppression for the warring felines, but strangely was never touched in their battles.

Purpose / Function

Originally, it was built to try to create peace between two warring nations. A seemingly generous attempt from the continent's government, however, was quickly turned sour after the true reasons for its creation were discovered. The Temple was to serve as a capital and planning place for the merging of the warring countries; it was a solution neither country wanted, as they sought to solve their differences rather than ignore them by merging.


The Temple is massive; in fact, it is one of the largest of its kind. Fitting, because the God it represents is often shown as being the largest physically. Built almost entirely of stone and marble, the halls are tiled with granite and flecked with bits of gold. The goal when building it was to subtly show the wealth and power of the ruling continent's government, and in a way, that goal was reached. All who pass by and through the Temple have the strange urge to enter it and pray, even if they are not particularly religious or devout.
Alternative Names
Raerom's Landmark
The Blood Symbol
Temple / Religious complex
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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