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Valen north is more arctic, although as you go south it turns into forest and plains, with little bits of desert. A lot of the province has ravines, caves, and valleys. The people there survive off of the animals and farming along with fishing off the coast, and the cities thrive off of the caves and the ores inside of the revines. Even some of the dwarves have settled inside of the caves and ravines with the duergar being banished into the underdarks, darker and deeper than the deepest of caves. Valen experiences a lot of rain due to being next to the coast.


The government of Valen is lead by a majority of elves, the King and dukes are voted in every century unless they are pushed out or die. Valen has many taxes on buisnesses and trade however they have a very high state of living. Valen is etremely orderly with strict laws


Valen is very diplomatic and is not often in war however because most of their army is elvish they are all highly trained, although the army is smaller but extremely well equiped.

Industry & Trade

Valen brings in fish, wood, and sells some stone. Thet also have decent amount of caves that are mined as well as magic. Valen high the highest amount of artificers in the continent and therefor sells the most amount of magic items, however they are highly taxed on. Spices are also sold alot in Valen


Valens greatest asset is their vass knoledge and higher population of wizards, they are also home to Valen's Order of Arcane.

Guilds and Factions

Valen is home to Valen's Order of the Arcane.


Valen has a semi cold climae fairly similar to Helms, it gets vey cold in the winter with short days and very warm in the summer with long days.

Natural Resources

Valen has many mountains ranges and forest, they are lso along the coast for fish, and the province holds alot of wildlife. Valen has alot of minerals and resources from their mountains and caves.
Founding Date


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