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The Steins Tribe

The Steins tribe is a separate tribe f rom the Deer foot, the two tribes often fight over land and trade. The terrain consists of plains in the north, lesser forest in the south and west, and mountains to the east. The tribe is known for its resource in the mines, were lots of adamantine is found which is turned into mythril and sold to the other provinces.


The deer foot have a tribal government, however unlike the Clans they are organized. The Deerfoot instead have a government lead by a chieftain and his mongers under him that lead each village. There is no tax or payment to the Chieftain however the Chieftain instead owns everything and gives his things to the people.


The tribes also have similar defenses, their cities do not have walls and they do not make forts however they are very good strategist and warriors.

Industry & Trade

The tribes share very similar things to trade; they all have iron, fish and even whale, tobacco, pain relievers, and at times even buffalo.


The tribes greatest asset is their culture, their wilderness, their environment, world and the gods. Unlike the Deerfoot tribe the have buffalo which is sold as a rare and expensive food. The buffalo are not hunted often as they are a religious animal but when they do they sell, the buffalo are also illegal to hunt unless it is under a specific religious time.


The tribes all have a very similar climate, being warm with cold winters.
Founding Date


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