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The Empire

The Imperial land is filled with magic, and resource, being the richest place in all of the continent, it is here were most of magic is studied as this is where most magic items are found, due to the islands strong magical nature, the populus here is so used to being around magic within the 1000’s of years that they have gained a minor resistance to it, being able to do unimaginable things with magic, it is here were the greatest casters are found. However magic may be the strongest, war is not, as the imperials are not used to war like the other islands and if they were put in war they would have a difficult time, their only strength being their great wizards that may be outsmarted through military tactics. Although war isn't everything, and besides war this province is by far the most advanced place in the continent, having the capital of the continent being Cyrodiil.


The imperials are a republic led by a singular ruler decided on by the people every decade, this person swears an oath to their country as their emporer.


The Imperial Empire has a strong army for its size and is greatly defended. The imperial also take advantage of the many sorcerers born their as they make great soldiers.

Industry & Trade

The Imperials make use of their magic and use it to their advantage. Other than that the Imperials trade their iron, fish, wood, and their Adamantine which is unique to the island.


The Imperial Empire has many recourses like iron, forestry, fish and its magic. The Imperials land seems to be filled with magic and due to this the Imperials have a greater understanding of magic itself.


The Imperial Empire has a mild climate with snowy winters and warm summers, rainful is common on the province as well as flooding, the imperials build walls near their city shores to protect themselves from this.


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