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The Den Clan

These Clans are extremely similar to the Woods Clan, however these two districts are more prominent to war and are constantly in contact with another Clan or themselves. The Clan is filled with jungle, although it has a lot of lakes in the jungles. These Clans are known for their Constant tendency to be at war and the point of how new they are, saying they got freedom in 151E, 5 years after the great civil war.


The Den Clan is one of the many tribal governments of the continent. There is no true ruler or king, the people fend for themselves in their many civilizations.


The Clan due to its lack of government does not have an official defense however the tribes within use dinosaurs to their advantage and the environment to surprise and strategically destroy the enemy.

Industry & Trade

The province also is more welcome to different types of industry deemed too savage by other provinces.


The Den Clan is very humid and hot as it is set in a Jungle, most of the year is spent raining and in heat.

Natural Resources

The Den Clan has many trees and fish to take advantage of.
Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
The Kritter Clan


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