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Cumhachd an Latha

Created by Dynzel Washington.
Alexandrite is the magical crystal that forever changed existence on the disc of Falltir. Found uniquely throughout the island nation of Breadh du Alba, the crystal is used in almost every facet of life, from transport to communication. The magic imbued within them can be harnessed and connected to devices to power them much in the way that the inferior method of electricity was used before being abandoned.


Material Characteristics

The crystal in its raw form, is clear with a hint of light purple and pink. In this state, it is like most crystals, however it was broken from the main vein. When refined it can take most any shape that is required. When given to a master craftsman, it is even capable of being made into ornamental objects, while still retaining it's magical properties.

History & Usage


Alexandrite, was highly coveted upon its discovery, but has since become less so as more and more has been found and it has been proliferated for general use. The foreign nations, especially those of the Elves, are still covetous, due to Breadh du Alba's limited sharing of the resource with nations with whom they have more tenuous relations.


Alix Ander, the first free king of Breadh du Alba, discovered the crystals during his escape from hostile forces, from his failed coup attempt of the Eldarin Impirical Forces.

Cultural Significance and Usage

It is credited by most to be what allowed Alix Ander to turn the tide and free first his nation and then lend aid to others.


The crystals need to be magically attuned to be of use as more that decoration. Once attuned they can be ritually applied to devices as power sources.


Trade & Market

On the island of Breadh du Alba, smaller crystals can be found without much difficulty. Larger crystals are normally used for long range communications, transport or industrial purposes, so can be purchased but cost far more and are harder to come by.

Law & Regulation

The laws are reasonably relaxed regarding the use and ownership of the crystals, with exception of for those of Elven decent and from foreign nations.
Beyond Breadh du Alba, the crystals are much rarer and are as of yet non found naturally. On the island there is such a supply, that there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.

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