Sometimes a giant is born with a single eye rather than two. No one really knows why or understands the reasoning for this. It is only known that it happens.  These giants are hence called cyclops.    Cyclops are afflicted and suffer from a lack a depth perception. They also have a limited field of vision. This makes them a liability in a fight. They are also not as intelligent as other giants. Sages speculate that the single eye in some way impedes the proper development of their brain. Strangely livestock and other animals are better behaved when in the presence of a cyclops.    Cyclops are more prone to emotional outbursts and tend to direct their feelings by using violence. They lack puzzle solving and reasoning skills which contributes to their aggression. Though if livestock or animal companions are present these outbursts and aggression are lessened.   Cyclops are generally ostracized by other giants causing them to have a mostly solitary life. When possible several cyclops will form a family unit and live a simple agrarian  lifestyle. Cyclops are known to be fabulous brewers and cheese makers.  This seemingly pastoral exile is their lot within giant society.   Sages who have studied cyclops have found them to have a strength greater than that of the average giant. While disturbing to look at, a cyclops will be aware of  your presence before you know of his. Cyclops hearing makes up for their  eyesight.  One benefit their single eye gives them is that its large size allows more light to enter at night giving them night vision. Some magi believe that  cyclops can sense body heat giving them another advantage in the dark.   When giants go to war, they will put any cyclops into squads for night raids.  Cyclops are  most often employed to steal the horses of enemy cavalry.    It is the odd luck of the draw, a twist of fate that causes cyclops to be born. Pity that they cannot be left in peace with their farms and  animals.


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