Reginele Doresc - The Queens Desire


During the Race War, the Kingdom of Lorn watched as the Kingdon of Faerin was overrun and sacked by the Naggaron Empire. As troops pushed through Faerin and into Lorn, Queen Elena Istrati of Lorn started to gather Lorn's monetary reserves and most valuable art objects to get them out of the country.   Queen Elena hoped that sending the Treasure abroad could keep it safe. The Lorinic government signed a deal with the Commonwealth of Tham which stated that Tham would safe keep the Lorinic Treasure in the bank vaults of Tham until the end of the war.   While Elena gathered the artifacts, Naggaron pushed hard for the capital. While the initial plan was land transportation, most of Lorn was falling to the fast-moving armies of Naggaron. Advisors to the crown raised concern with land transportation since Naggaroth troops had surrounded the capital. It was feared that it needed to be sent via sailing ship to avoid Naggarath intercepting it. So they loaded it aboard a fleet of three ships that could be spared.  

The Fleet

The largest, a galleon named Reginele Doresc under the command of Captain Dimitry Musat. The Reginele Dorsec had seen a few naval battles in its time and while an older ship, it was the largest ship in port at the time. It was being serviced for some minor leaks and other upgrades when it was pressed into service for this mission. According to records it was loaded Down with a claimed 100,000 pounds of gold.   The second ship was a mid-sized Zabra entitled Bună intenție. It was being sailed by Captain Cristofor Filotti, a long time friend of Musat as Filotti had sailed for a decade under Musat. The Bună intenție was loaded with a cargo of priceless art that included the full life-size statues of the entire Royal Family carved out of adalstan. It also contained the crown jewels of the Istrati Family.   The last ship, the Ingerul, was a light fast patache directed by Captain Catalin Neacsu the fiancee of Dimitry Musat. The Musat was loaded with extra supplies and cannons. Its appointed duty was to scout ahead and run interference for the fleet if needed.  

The Voyage

Two days after getting departing for Tham, a fire broke out on the Bună intenție, causing it too much structural damage to safely complete the trip to Tham. Captain Filotti had the priceless artwork shifted to the Reginele Dorsec. Filotti then limped the Bună intenție into Port Cutov for repairs.   Three days thereafter a storm caught the two remaining ships in the Isin Sea. The hastened repairs that were made on the Reginele Doresc started to fail and ship began to leak. Betwixt that, carrying the additional cargo from the Bună intenție that had caught fire, and poor weather conditions, Captain Musat was worried. Dispatching Ingerul for reconnaissance of the gulf of Barsov they hoped to find a safe harbor they could take shelter in, that was not under Naggaron control.   That was the last known sighting of the Reginele Dorsec. Captain Neacsu did find the harbor Of Burstona was secure and not in enemy hands, about four hours from the last know location of the Reginele Dorsec. She searched for the next month for any sign of the lost ship. From the ports of the cityof Tham and Backtracking and looking in every inlet bay and harbor of the Gulf of Barsov.  

The Loss

The Reginele Dorsec is believed to have gone down sometime in the early morning around Nocturn on the 13th day of Arnot year 97 of Vig Fodaro. It contains the most precious objects of the Kingdom of Lorn including:
  • 100,000 pounds of gold.
  • 17 lifesize adalstan statues of the royal family
  • the archives of the Lornic Academy
  • 3,500-year-old golden jewels found in Lorn
  • Ancient Etren jewels
  • The jewels of the Lixandroiu of Ufrain and Resmaidan
  • The jewels of the Lorinic royalty
  • Thousands of paintings
  • Precious cult objects owned by Lorinic monasteries
  • 2,000-year-old icons and old Lorinic manuscripts.
  • It also contained various deposits of the Lorinic people at the kingdom banks
The value of this cargo is hard to estimate, especially because most of its contents are art objects, but most likely it could even surpass the value of the 100,000 pounds of gold it also carried.


Reginele Doresc
16th day of Erda year 27 VF
Dimitry Musat
Disintergrated and broken up.
13th day of Arnot year 97 VF

General characteristics

Queens Desire
100 - 150 tons
300 tons
20 ft
102 ft on deck
9 ft
Sail; Wind
8 knots
Complement / Crew
80 to 85
22 guns
Sail Area 386 square meters


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