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Brox Magon

Popular in the cities of Vrepolis, Emberhold, Frosthelm, and Tyltho, Brox Magon is a fairly simple sport invented by the mountain dwelling Goliaths of the Worldspire mountain range and other near by communities. Though it is unknown who created it or when, what is known is that by the time the people of Vrepolis discovered the sport and began to spread it's practice, it was a common pastime in almost all the Goliath communities in the mountains surrounding the Daevish Plains.


A match of Brox Magon involves two teams of between three to six players. Each player takes up their place on opposite sides of the playing field, and each grab a sand filled leather ball, called a Brox. The field is filled with oddly spaced standing surfaces, which can take many forms, such as small boulders or wooden posts. Players then step onto these surfaces, called a Magon, on their far side of the field.   The actual objective of the game is to have a player reach the other end of the field. Players must jump from Magon to Magon, and falling or being knocked off onto the floor means the player must run back to the beginning and start over again. Players are forbidden from jumping onto the same Magon as another player, and from touching another player in any way. The only way a player can knock over another player is by throwing their Brox at them. If a player is struck by a Brox and falls off their Magon, it is customary for all spectators to cheer 'Brox Magon!'   The game typically comes to an end when a single member of a team reaches the opposite side. In some cases, it must be the entire team, or a select amount of members. Some communities even have rules mandating that the person who reaches the end must have knocked an enemy off of their Magon before they can jump to the end of the field.

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