Year 52 of the Shattered Pantheon

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It has been 52 years since the world’s end was narrowly avoided. An ancient and wrathful god, known by many names and titles, was awoken and wrought havoc and death upon the world. After a war was fought for an unknown amount of time, a final assault was launched against the ancient one, sealing it away once and for all. However, the battle came at a steep cost, and many deities were slain in their most heroic hour. Despite this, victory was achieved, giving birth to the world as it is now known:   Exodus.   Exodus is an echo of its former self. The widespread and seemingly endless war warped the landscape, turning some areas into blasted hellscapes while others flourished. Deities who perished have fallen away, and new gods have arisen to take their places. New technologies are being developed, and old ones rediscovered. And four ancient cities have risen from beneath the surface of the earth, bringing with them ancient and powerful technologies.   In the south of the world, the development of firearms is rapidly revolutionizing warfare; the applications of blasting powder in war and peace continue to be explored. In the west of the world, nonmagical air travel is causing an economic boom unlike any known previously, as ships now sail the clouds. In the north, the development of basic medicines has added years to the expected lifespans of many. And in the east…   Silence.   No wind blows. No rain falls. None lay claims to the ruins stretching for hundreds of miles. And none dare approach. For when the silence breaks, evil lives.