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  • Year - /./D 114
  • Established - /./)-I 14772
  • Population - 18,522
  • Capital - Adraaictous
  • System of Government - Constitutional Monarchy
  • Head of State - Prince Tapool IV
  • Major Industry - Finance & Shipping
  • Currency - Flier
  • Expected Age - 107
  • Average Yearly Income - 8530 per year
  The City of Adraaictous was established as a fishing port in /./)-I 11375 by a local noble household, "The Couwinknouts". They worked the port and its settlement until /./)-I 14772 when they lost control of the port management and city but gained a status of a kingdom as the Principality. Having given up day-to-day management of the city and port they became the imperial family of Adraaictous. A kingdom where virtually everyone is distantly related to the Royal Family.  

Foreign Relations

Adraaictous has trading relationships with many countries in the area but only has formal relationships with Mozarron , Zemoul , Pekin , North Midai and Kingdom of Ambergris .


The University of Adraaictous was established in /./)-I 11857. The university was the only university south of Kingdom of Ambergris for 1520 years, and like the first, it is now the most prestigious in the area. It has a high educational standard. Most citizens of Adraaictous can get an education there if they want it. The university specializes in these areas: Geography, History, Sciences, Astronomy, Mechanical Engineering, and medicine.


The Palace of Adraaictous is called the "Sauste". It was built from /./)-I 15108 to /./)-I 15122. The main Buildings have over 180 rooms and are home to the Royal Family. It is also open to the public on special occasions and is frequently used for official functions.  

Strength in Family

Founding Date
/./)-I 14772
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Mixed economy
Mozarron Flier
Executive Body
The Executive Review is made up of appointments from the 25 guilds and professional bodies in the principality. An individual member can spend no more than 10 years on the Executive Review and then needs to be replaced by another representative. They advise the monarchy on government business.
Neighboring Nations

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