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Tribal Communion Tent


Creme-white, ash-stained heavy skin held aloft by two long wooden poles forming a triangle with the ground. The tent's covering is crafted from the skin of a large white beast and holds spiritual importance. The poles and eight staked pegs are sourced from the camping area. Adorning the poles are bone chimes, these are the bones of all Orcs and family bones must stay together for communion use. The interior of the tent has symbols burned into the tent covering and is empty of any other furnishings.   The covering's color represents the bones of Orcs and stained with ash to reflect the removal of flesh from bone. The bones are kept with the tent for communion with the ancestors and protection against spirits that wish to inhabit bodies. Though the covering holds importance, it is representational and for quick communion ease. If the camp is in distress, the bone chimes will be quickly cut down by any Orc, who can reach them.

Purpose / Function

Tribe Communion

Head Mothers and Arm Uncles meet in the tent to discuss matters of the tribe. Only Head Mothers and Uncles with leadership can enter the tent while in communion unless an Orc is given the communion's permission to enter. During long communions, rug skins and blankets are placed on the floor as well as a fire is set in the center. Other furnishings can be added, however, they must be removed at the end of communion.

Individual Communion

Any Orc can commune with the ancestors inside the tent and they may take their family bone chime with them. The bone chime must be refastened to the tent poles after communion. If the Orc wishes for solitude while communing, a single bone placed into the ground at the tent's entrance will signify this desire to other Orcs. However, if a Head Mother is ascending then this communion can be interrupted.

House Communion

These communions are invoked for two reasons; tribal communion needs guidance from past Head Mothers, or a Head Mother's ascension. They summon only the Ancestral Council and a summoning of other house members is rare. Only if the tribe is under distress can Orcs, not of Head Mother status, witness the communion of the Ancestral Council, or communions of many house members. This separation is done to protect the Orcs from unruly spirits, emotional distress, and maintain the spiritual balance.

Communion Rituals

"A drop of blood upon the bone of the ancestor, while chanting the incantation is all you need do," Head Mother Warren crossed her arms, "Though it is the spirit's choice whether it heeds your calls."
Individual spirits can be summoned by any Orc, however, summoning more than one spirit is forbidden. Most spirits can choose to appear, however, Head Mothers know ways to make a spirit appear without it's choice. If an Orc's death was sudden, the Head Mother will gather the family for a grief communion with the Orc's spirit.  
"Drink of the bloodline held by the Mother of Before invoking house names and the rattle of their bones surrounded by family will you meet the ancestors."
— A short description of one Head Mother ritual
A Head Mother's ascension into the ancestral council is different as it requires several preparing rituals and ritualistic items. This particular ritual invites the ancestral spirits to inhabit the other Head Mothers to speak with the to-be-ascended Head Mother. This is not the original ritual, rather a focused version to prevent opening the spiritual veil. Any ritual, opening the spiritual veil to summon many spirits causes ruin to the tribe and is taboo if performed by other members.


Head Mother - Each household is governed by a Head Mother. She attends tribal meetings and ascensions of other Head Mothers. There is only one Head Mother per house.   Skull Cup - top part of the skull of the previous Head Mother and it's use is a cup.   Ancestral Council - a spirit council formed from Head Mothers selected from each household in the tribe.
Alternative Names
Bone Tent, Tent of Council, Ancestors' Tent
Room, Religious, Monastic Cell

House Communion Components

  • Blood of Head Mother, current
  • Bones of Ancestral Council
  • Houses of the Orc's family
  • Skull Cup

Matters of the tribe

  • Status rise of Uncles
  • Tribe member loses/gains
  • Funerals
  • Rites
  • Marriages
  • Disputes
  • Criminal offenses
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Nomadic, matriarchal society casting necromancy to survive in hostile areas they live in.

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