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Written by TheExasperatedDM

The creature is a mischievous neutral fey people. They were cursed by other fey with the Evil Eye causing many to go insane and their population & society to diminish. It is unknown how many of them are left.

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Alpe traditionally feeds on milk and dreams, however, the curse has changed its diet to blood and nightmares.They did have the ability to feed on nightmares and blood before the curse, however, only those of strange tastes would subsist on these.   Primary Source: Dreams/Nightmares Secondary Source: Milk/Blood

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Crushing Weight - The Alpe can control its weight as a way to paralyze it's victim. It remains the same size, however, it can weight as much as an adult dragon.   Evil Eye - causes different types of conditions to others and many effects on the Alpe including forcing them to stay polymorphed. Fey curse that corrupts the victim it is attached too. A third eye grows from the victim.   White Cap - allows polymorph into white butterfly or horse

Civilization and Culture


The Alpe were cursed for a prank that ruined the food at a fey court diner party.

Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Horse Form It appear like a normal white horse. It's eyes are solid red with a third eye set in the middle of the forehead.   Butterfly Form The wings are pure white wings on the underside. The topside of the wings are white with a set of triangles. The triangles are striped with multiple colors and the base touches the body.   The markings on the top of the wings are used to identify the creature if it hasn't revealed itself through it's feeding. The markings are the creature's evil eye. When the wings swiftly flutter, the eye appears and it's color is solid red regardless of the colors when it's still.

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Author's Notes

Original Folklore

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