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Melora's Honey Pot

The Bone Shop's Cabinet of Curiosities


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  The Bone Garden's main attraction is a cabinet of curiosities that is Rerosha's pride and joy. Rerosha has stuffed the polished ebony cabinet with the shop's most valuable items. The cabinet stands behind Rerosha's counter and is magically protected.   The 21 objects detailed below are not for sale. However, if a player helps Rerosha, she could be convinced to part with one of them or at least do a swap.


Melora's Honey Pot looks like an ordinary jam jar with a few differences. The pot in itself is very pretty and has a very unique shape. It flattens out at the bottom and looks more like a perfume bottle than a jam jar.
Made of thick glass, the jar is decorated with a pretty polka-dot bow. Some honey has crystallised and appears like a golden, thick liquid. The 'honey' does not have the transparency of honey all the way through and shimmers brightly under light.


This is a rare item. The honey-like substance within the jar is a rare and ancient concoction. The bees that made the honey in the pot are a long-instinct race of bees. The recipe for the balm has been lost through time, and there is no one currently alive on Exandria who would know how to make it.


The honey jar came to the Bone Garden by way of a travelling acolyte of Melora two years ago. Firbolg, Dawncaller is part of the wide and dispersed family of the Gardeners - a religious organisation dedicated to Melora, the Wildmother.

The Gardeners' calling is to roam the world of Exandria to tend to her many shrines and help in their upkeep. In Ank'harel, the Gardener is Mistfir. He looks after The Boughs of the Wilmother in the Sigil District, not far from the Crystal Chateau. His brother is Foghome , who lives in Bazzoxan and is the Gardener in the Dilapidated Temple.

Dawncaller is an uncle to both but is considered somewhat of a black sheep in the family. Dawncaller has never been able to settle down anywhere in the world and has been roaming the continents of Exandria his whole life.
To sustain his travels and his quest, the firbolg trades artefacts he finds or 'borrows' from his many family visits. Rerosha is not sure where Dawncaller had picked the jar from. She suspects it came from the continent of Wildemount as this was the place the firbolg last visited before popping up in Marquet and staying with Mistfir for a time.

Rerosha is reluctant to sell the pot because she is afraid one of the Gardeners might return and retrieve the 'borrowed' object. Gnawed by her conscience, Rerosha went to talk to Mistfir about the honey pot in her possession. However, Mistfir was not interested in buying back the pot. In exchange, the firbolg asks that Rerosha give thanks to Melora and make the jar a personal altar to the Wildmother.
Rerosha agreed, and the honey pot now stands proudly in her cabinet of curiosity for all to see ... and worship.


Rerosha considers the Honey Pot a religious artefact and is part of her impromptu altar to Melora, the Wildmother. She could be brought to sell it, or players could buy it for Mistfir and return it to the shrine. Rerosha would sell the jar for 800 gold.


The Honey Pot contains 10 servings of common healing potions: 2d4 +4 hit points are recovered per serving.

The servings also work as a minor restoration spell.

Secret History


Dawncaller did take the Honey Pot from a distant relation he visited in Wildemount, as Rerosha guessed. Dawncaller picked it up when he visited the Clay Family in the Blooming Grove. The Clay family protects the Blooming Grove from the cursed blight that has overtaken the the Savalirwood and has been encroaching on Blooming Grove for the last hundred years.

Caduceus Clay is a distant relative and not directly affiliated with the Gardeners, who are acolytes of Melora. The pot was part one of Caduceus' discoveries, a magical item he rescued from the Savalir Woods, an ancient relic from before the Blight.

Caduceus is aware that Dawncaller has spirited away the jar, and the cleric could make an appearance in the Bone Garden or the Boughs of the Wildmother in Ank'harel to inquire about its whereabouts.


Current Holder
rare item


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