Summer 2021, Week 6

Chapter 2

Family is Everything

The people of New Victoria have been through a lot recently. They opened up their city to Evos (ya know, humans with supernatural abilities). The move was received with mixed feelings, but they gave it their best effort. However... it seemed to have bitten them in the ass.   Blood Bolt was the threat the city had feared, but hoped to avoid. Gaining power on the darkened streets of the wards, he built up his gang. His downfall would be a personal vendetta that started with one member of the AERI team. Striking out, Bolt killed the mentor of his new nemesis, sparking the beginning of his end. The massacre that followed is something New Victoria won't soon forget. Many NVPD and local residents lost their lives, their homes. The response from the AERI team was... lacking in some regards, even if they were the ones that ultimately captured Bolt and put him away.   And now?   Now, the city is divided. Are Evos to be trusted? Or are they a liability waiting to cause more death and destruction? Protests have begun across the city. Government officials are taking sides and demanding change. The EHEA are hunting for information on any and all Evos involved. Citizens are trying to get back to some sense of normalcy... And all the while, a new player has quietly entered the scene looking to make New Victoria their home - a home that would welcome in anyone looking for a safe space. They would become a family. A family willing to do anything for each other. Because family is everything, right?   Join us and see if you will become a hero or a villain or maybe something in between!