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Shufa Guan 束发冠

Manufacturing process

The leather is shaped on an oak wooden mould. It needs to stay on the mould until the hour of the rat has passed 3 times. The maker leaves it be if the Shufa Guan is for the one who only paid 15 gold pieces. The only extra element that needs to be added it the wood pin that keeps the piece on the men's head.   If the Shufa Guan is for someone who paid 17 silver pieces, then the maker put more effort in it. Or he hires/hands it over to a silver smith to make it more elegant.   The silver smith places a small shape of silver on the Shufa Guan, it can be any shape. He also makes the holder for the gem. The most common gem that has being used is the turquoise.

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At first, common men didn't wear anything on their heads and their hair hung on their backs. But everything started to get in the way.   The noble men wear already wearing Lianhua Gua (莲花冠), and one common man (his name became lost in history), took that design and started to make something similar.

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It became a culture thing and some of the Shufa Guan are made with luxury materials. Like with silver and turquoise's. Which are expensive gems, but not as expensive as the other gems. Like rubies or sapphires.    
Captain of the Imperial army
The captains of the Imperial army are also wearing a Shufa Guan. But theirs is a bit more luxuries than the ones comers can buy. These Shufa Guan are handed to them by their general by their appointment or by the Emperor himself.   The Shufa Guan is made with horse leather, has silver and has an emerald in the centre. They may keep the Shufa Guan, until they quiet, or they are asked to quiet.  
General of the Imperial army
The same goes for the General. Their Shufa Guan is given to them by the Emperor during their appointment, but they need to give it back once their duty is over.   Theirs is made with the same material as the one of the captain, only they have a ruby for a gem.

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Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
10 gram
Base Price
Common one 15 gold pieces
Raw materials & Components
Common: 15 gold pieces
  • leather
  Expensive: 17 silver pieces
  • leather
  • silver
  • turquoise's
hour of the rat
00:00 till 01:59
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