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The land- Shared by men and beats   Of sand and snow alike   A land if blacked hearts and blacked magic   A land of silver mountains and crystal blues rivers   Of green forests and yellow fertile fields.   A land of rich and poor   Where monarchs rule over all.   All of blackened hearts   A land of shattered dreams   Of hopes that never where.   Of twisted ambition and war   inspiration was taken from Europe in the late 1800's. the three dominate powers are inspired by the Russian Austrian and a union between the ottoman empire and Islamic Spain. the nation fight for domination of the world. however new ideas such as nationalism and liberalism threaten the old orders.   the continent was once ruled by not just men but races like elves trolls, goblins, orks, the blairs and hobgoblins. many of these races were shattered during the great war between men and the 'old' races.   magic- there are two types of magic. magic and dark magic. the first race to master it were the blairs a dark an mistrusted race of people who master the dark magic arts.   the dating system is based before the big event the twin sultanates civil war which is YBCW (years before civil war)