Snowlight Day

On the day when the plane of water is ascendant and aligned with the negative energy plane a magical convergence occurs. On this day and this day alone one of the oldest celebrations in the world, far older than the rise of the Empire and even the first Immortal, is celebrated by all. On this day an ancient entity stirs and once again walks the world to spread joy and fear in equal measure. To those who have been kind and noble souls it is a day where their deeds are recognised and rewarded by the entity while those who have committed dark deeds must hide behind ancient rites and customs to ward away the creature's wrath. In these shared traditions people of all nations and race are joined as one in celebrating each other's company and while there is genuine emotion and celebration it is all done knowing one simple fact:   You better watch out...   You better not cry...   Better not pout...   I'm telling you why...   San'tah Clas is coming to town


In younger days the world was filled with a myriad of beliefs and the existence of primal magic, left over after the creation of the Material Plane, allowed many beings known as Spirit Gods (or simply spirits) to come into being. The magic was focused by the belief into tangible beings and amongst the oldest was the creature known as San'tah Clas. The entity was born of the fundamental desire for karma in the world, for the good to be rewarded and the evil punished for their deeds, and was originally one of many such beings. Worshipped as a god he had days made in celebration of his might and power including his primary day on the day that winter began to die and the warmth began to return to the world. On this day as the old cycle died and the new one began he held his court, a final judgement on the actions of everyone that cycle and rewarded and punished as appropriate. This day would become known as Snowlight Day.   As well as the judgement of San'tah Clas his followers began to give gifts and celebrate with those they cared about and in turn shunned those who had caused them harm. Many traditions would form around the day, the hanging of holly bushes on doors, decorating rooms and a great feast to mark the day all of which led to the day becoming wildly loved and celebrated. In turn these traditions began to protect those from San'tah Clas' wrath as so long as you were involved in the festivities of the day you would be protected from him. So even the darkest and cruellest of beings began to participate in what would become a day of peace and joy no matter what kind of events were occurring in the world. Eventually the entire world would come to celebrate regardless of religion, creed or species in what was now the greatest event in the world.   As time passed and the age of spirits would too, San'tah Clas found his worshippers dwindling and his power began to wane as a result. Soon he could no longer manifest and, like many of the spirits, would soon cease to be worshipped by any major nation. The rise of the Empire and the Living Gods would be the final nail in the coffin as the last of his worship was stamped out and no more would his power hold sway in the world. Yet still the people celebrated Snowlight Day in all the different ways that they had developed across the cities and settlements of the world and every time the name San'tah Clas would be spoken and invoked by all. So on that day every year the ancient spirit is reborn to bring about reward and punishment as he sees fit and as the celebrations ring out through the night he gets to work finding out who has been naughty and who has been nice.   So be good for goodness sake. Because San'tah Clas is coming to town.


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