Goddess of Despair

The Goddess of Despair. Lady of Sorrows. Exara was once a ruler of Abaddon, a veritable avatar of destruction and death, before the death of her patron drove her mad. Now she is driven only by the desire to see her sire’s murderer utterly destroyed and perhaps the rest of the world with it. Although not powerful enough to claim the entire Abyss after Oros’ death she commands the largest domain within it and the loyalty of the most fanatical of the Demons and Oros' mortal followers. She is torn between her desire for vengeance and sorrow at the loss of Oros and has gone completely mad as a result. The sight of her alone is said to inflict either madness or bloodlust in those unfortunate enough to be subjected to it and only the interference of the other gods keeps her from tearing through the planes for what she seeks.

Divine Domains

Evil, Death, Magic, Earth

Holy Books & Codes

Word of Creation

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A noose

Physical Description

Body Features

Dishevelled, pallid and covered in wounds which are constantly being healed and reopened.

Facial Features

Still bears the hallmarks of a once noble countenance underneath her horrifying appearance.

Identifying Characteristics

Mostly the constant bleeding.

Special abilities

Divine power and madness

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Exara was the first born of Oros and the perfect representation of his cruelty and disdain packaged in a disarmingly attractive form. Exara was the perfect student and rapidly grew into a monster that even the other Demigods would fear, her temper legendarily second only to that of Oros himself. Unlike Oros she lacked his impulsiveness and was often more considered in her actions, always attempting to serve her father to the best of her abilities. To do so she learned not just from him but from the other Demigods and even Haphion who gladly tutored her young niece. In this way she exceeded Oros in that her destructive ability was based not just on experience but by coming to understand the fundamentals of creation in order to learn better how to tear it apart. She spent her time equally alongside her father and working with Vysteus to shape Abaddon, their shared plane, into the perfect representation of the pair. Unlike many Demigod pairs the two of them made not just an excellent team but they also respected each other greatly.   Exara saw the creation of new Planes as an opportunity to learn more and eagerly assisted in the creation of mortalkind merely to have something new to dissect. Many sources quote her influence being instrumental in Oros becoming involved in the project where before he had only shown indifference to the idea. Much to Exara's delight Vysteus also introduced the concept of death to the planes which would supply the pair with many souls that she could toy with. Exara would become crueller and more inventive as time went on. When the Angelic Civil War broke out she took it upon herself to teach the rebel Angels all she knew, eager to see what the younger beings could do and would be exceptionally happy with the results. Once Oros himself got involved she leapt into the fray personally excited to be involved in such a tragic and destructive affair. Even though the war ended disappointingly she had nonetheless enjoyed her experiences and was looking forward to the next opportunity to use what she had learned.   While the Living Gods were something of a curiosity to Exara they never particularly concerned her beyond that as she had many other things to experiment on and could not easily reach the new beings. Everything would change with the birth of the Slayer and the subsequent death of Oros. While the Unspoken celebrated the death, Exara was distraught and rapidly descended into into depression and eventual madness. She desperately attempted to breach the Material Plane in an effort to avenge her father and was only stopped by the collective intervention of Zemotl, Eris and, perhaps surprisingly, Vysteus. Unable to forgive the Slayer or herself she began to mutilate her own form as she transformed from a beautiful creature to a horrifying dishevelled figure.   Exara abandoned her charge in Abaddon to take control of what she could of the Abyss to maintain whatever memory of her father she could. Taking command of the cult she changed it into a form more befitting the worship of a dead God, mournful and tragic while still maintaining the same cruelty and essence that held the monsters together. While she could never command all that Oros once did she would soon establish herself as the greatest power in the Plane and began to use this newfound influence for one purpose. She would hunt the Slayer through any means necessary and soon a legion of deranged characters would soon descend on the Slayer and her followers at any opportunity. They would have their revenge against their hated foe even if the entire world had to burn to achieve it.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Took command of the cult of Oros

Failures & Embarrassments

Death of Oros   Descent into madness

Intellectual Characteristics

Exara was once refined and sophisticated considering all means to acquire her goals. Since the death of Oros and her descent into madness she has become much more dangerous and chaotic, caring little for the old ways as she seeks her revenge. Her focus is single minded and her hatred eternal.

Morality & Philosophy

Revenge is all that matters and everything else can burn.

Personality Characteristics


Revenge against the Slayer and all who follow her.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Killing the Slayer   Dislikes: The Slayer being alive


Family Ties

The child of Oros and the elder sister of the Unspoken. Exara was incredible devoted to her father and equally distraught when Oros died but never really had any kinship with the Unspoken although it is believed that she is the only being who still refers to her by her original name.


Her words are tinged with madness from voice tinged with rage and despair in equal measures. To hear her is to understand her pain and in turn be inflicted by it. She screams almost constantly about the crimes committed against her and what she will do when she finally has her chance at revenge and almost never speaks in a way that makes sense unless it helps her crusade in some form.

Divine Classification
Chaotic Evil
Current Residence
Pale and cold
Long, unkempt raven hair
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I will tear her face off and torture her for all eternity until she knows nothing but pain. Only then will she understand the pain she put me through." ~ on the Slayer


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