The Maroon Stone


Material Characteristics

It is a transparent, maroon coloured stone with a glass like appearance. It is a soft material, and is easily scratched, but is fairly strong. Its molar mass is lower then that of its ore form.

Geology & Geography

Very few places export Hyseline, as the Hyselene ore is exceedingly rare. The reason for this is that the ore requires extreme heat and a strange assortment of heavy elements to be geologically formed.

Origin & Source

Hyselene is the ore form of Hyseline. This ore is completely mundane until purified and treated. It is a very brittle, sand-stone like material. Hyselene appears in veins around natural crystal formations or in old lava tubes.

Life & Expiration

Hyselene ore, once extracted, must be alchemically treated and purified to produce Hyseline. This process must be completed within a month of it's extraction or it loses its magical potency.   Hyseline is incredibly stable, and does not lose its potency until 100 years after it was purified.

History & Usage


Discovered during the Age of Mages, it is unclear who actually discovered Hyseline. It is only known that the discovery happened early in the era.

Everyday use

This material can be used to substitute any spell component that has a gold cost associated with it, provided that the caster has the equivalent gold amount of Hyseline.


The process to transform Hyselene into Hyseline is a very difficult and sensitive undertaking. It is also a process that is closely guarded by those who know how to do it, as most alchemists who learned the secrets of this refinement intend to keep it secret.


If the refinement process is not carried out correctly, it can result in serious health problems (blindness, chronic fatigue, schizophrenia) or violent and explosive reactions.

Reusability & Recycling

If used as a spell component, it is consumed by the spell.


Trade & Market

On Eukrosh, only the town of Pierredure exports this rare resource.


Both the Maroon Stone and ore can be stored in any condition. The ore has a significantly lower half-life and degrades quickly once extracted.
Hyseline (aka Maroon Stone).
  Hyselene Ore
100 gp per lb
Very Rare
Transparent Maroon
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