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Medusa Spawn

I shudder to think what sort of corruption and foul meta could spawn these creatures. It must be some form of Orga weapon. Maybe brought down by the Bagrada Tunnel Raiders, maybe it's a lingering aspect of Cellini's fall. All I know is that those things are not natural. Nothing that big would evolve down here.

The Medusa Spawn are a collective name for a swath of unnatural creatures that have began plaguing the underground below Sidon. They grow in numbers the deeper down towards Baalbek one travels.

While the creatures don't have a singular appearance, they primarily show up as hand-like creatures that anchor to the walls of caves. Each 'finger' is tipped with barbed sword sized claws that stick into prey and pull them into a large mouth in the center of the 'palm' for digestion.

They are covered in a slick scaley hide, giving them a dark iridescent sheen in the right lighting.

They were only recently discovered and there is no mention of these creatures in Expedition log of Cellini or in the city of Baalbek.

Some maintain that these creatures are protectors of the Bronze Stone, while others believe that are unholy abominations made to punish the people who sought to exploit the Bronze Stone.

Cover image: The Wheel before the Wayhall


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