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The Blaze of New Pyongyang

The Blaze of New Pyongyang is the event that surrounded the mysterious destruction of the entire Jupiter Syndicate colony city of New Pyongyang. The entire city was found in a burnt out ruin. No building was spared the inferno, and only a few dozen survivors made it out of the city.

Timeline of Events

The Downtown Explosion

The Blaze began with a massive explosion in the Market district of the city, archival footage shows a blake plume of whipping smoke erupting from downtown. There was no audible cue as to an actual eruption of some sort. It was as if the inferno just spawned into existence and began to rapidly claim the streets and buildings in a way that is akin to a Pryoclastic flow.

The Resistance

First Reponders managed to report a futile effort to control the blaze, finding that the strange black flames did not respond to being quenced through conventional retardants and water. A few reports of Auric Scrubbers drawing from the flames give reason for the public to believe that this was not a natural fire, but rather a metaphysical blaze of some sort.

Attempted Evacutations

The speed at which this fire spread was more like a river than a wildfire. It swallowed buildings and people alike, leaving nothing in its wake but charred ruins. Some people were lucky enough to escape via Wayship, but those folks could barely see what occured below.


Most of the public does not know the actual cause of the blaze, believing it to be an industrial accident of immense proportions or an attack by the House of Sorrows. Only those in The Archive know the true source of the blaze. It was the first rage of the Sonnenrad Thurible, creating a fire that burned with supernatural fury. An intelligent fire that claimed as much life as it could.

Archivist Justicars retreived the Thurible taking it to an unknown location. The Thuribles current whereabouts are unknown, but rumors of the Thurible appearing on Kytheria have caused the Archive to take interest in the planet.

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Metaphysical, Elemental
Oh, the disaster at New Pyongyang? That city was never the same. Building on the ruined husks of your comrades? It sounds like hell.
— Syndicate Citizen

Cover image: The Wheel before the Wayhall


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