Laughters' Bade

A Cradle of Viscera

Down in Laughters' Bade sunlight only reveals is how alone you really are.
— Brood Blood-Kyn
  Laughters' Bade was the Gore Well in which Brood Blood-Kyn, the Matron of the House of Sorrows and the Harbinger of Dirge, was nurtured. Its rancid viscera was the cradle of her metamorphosis from girl to monster.   It was built circa 19400 during the peak of the Bloodwine Feuds and destroyed circa 19730 when Artosen Khandea II headed the cleanup of the Marianiyan Territories.

Gore Wells

Like all Gore Wells, it was repurposed by Soulbreakers from a Bloodwine Stillery—wherein the cleaned and mulched remains of house servants were distilled into Bloodwine. Its bottom chamber was lined with enchantments which prevented the souls of those thrown in from escaping, binding them to the rotting bodies and putrescent remnants and forcing them to act as a Grimoire gestalt which forever radiated the trauma of their lives to anyone lowered into the Well.   Each Gore Well developed its own 'personality'—a set of emotions and sounds which rose from its depths. Laughters' Bade was named for its agonized hysterics, and the sudden and disturbing urge it imparted upon people and creatures alike to throw themselves to its depths, to their death.

Purpose / Function

Laughters' Bade is one of many Gore Wells converted to the purpose of forming regeneration chambers for Sathiidic undead as an initiative effort on part of the Nchraementho to test if being tortured and brought back to life numerous times would allow someone to see beyond the veil of the afterlife and learn new forms of metaphysics.

A Firsthand Account
I'm the daughter of a slumwhore from the Territories. My mother put me to work as soon as I could walk, scavving through the muck pits anything worth a meal. I wasn't very good at it—sickly little girls get pulled into the muck more often then they pull something out.   After my first moonsickness my mother sold me to Soulbreakers to spite her madame, who was eyeing me to replace her. She moved to a new city after that, and I never saw her again. At the time it destroyed me—I was still stupid enough to believe that she loved me, and I defended her to the Soulbreakers. I told myself that she'd come for me.   They beat me out of that mindset and into a pit of depair. I refused to eat, to drink, or even to move. I lay there, determined to waste away and die.   I did. I awoke in starving delirium.   They tortured me until I died.   Then they brought me back and did it again.   I can't tell you how many times they did that. I was too far gone at that point. Everything was a blur, a nightmare I couldn't process. I didn't understand my purgatory, not until I started waking up in the middle of my regeneration.   I began to remember being lowered into Laughters' Bade. I remember my body absorbing the soup of Bloodwine and organs to regenerate. I remember floppy, decayed skeletons floating in the soup, talking to me, laughing, telling jokes, trying to cheer me up. Dead servants and torture victims don't tell good jokes. They helped me remember being dead, they helped me to see what's on the other side.   In the end, that's what the Soulbreakers wanted. I and all the other children in that compound were meant to crack, to provide new insights into the limits of the soul. The idea was that a more damaged soul could tap into deeper wells of meta within itself.   It worked, unfortunately for them.  
—Brood Blood-Kyn
All around me my cradle gurgled and cackled.

I couldn't discern the cackles of its prisoners from the bubbling of its rotting processes.

It clung to me, weak bones conspiring to keep my head above the rancid stew as fingers ran through my hair.
Alternative Names
  1. Hell's Well
  2. Sathiidian Cask
Relevant Time 19400-19730


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23 Aug, 2018 05:32

Thoroughly disturbing in just a few words as always. Well written, well presented. The 'personal account' was a good addition to getting the atmosphere of this place. Ominous ending too!

23 Aug, 2018 05:51

Thank you! That means a lot to me. She becomes one of the most disturbing villains in Ethnis, so I expect to be writing plenty more about her soon.

23 Aug, 2018 06:13

Ooh, I'll keep an eye out.

24 Aug, 2018 03:59

This is so cool. I love the details that explain *how* this place works. The part about it creating an urge in people to throw themselves in was particularly chilling.

24 Aug, 2018 12:46

I really, really like the visual of just a endlessly deep well of viscera and gore with occasionally feeble movements breaking the waves of churning the goop. The quotes add a lot of flavor, though the first one reads a little bit awkwardly to me; maybe a comma between Bade and Sunlight might help to identify them as belonging to two different parts of the sentence (rather then the sunlight being part of the bade).   I expect a lot of this'll be covered in the Gore Wells article proper, but maybe they're good for some inspiration or something!   Does the regeneration bring them back to life? Or are they dead-dead, rotting zombies forced into their shell and no matter how much regenerate?   How does the Gore Well develop their distinct personality? Is it part of the enchanting or the particular way that they feed the well with victims?   Do the enchantment need to be powered or recharged in any way? Or are they eternal, once set in place? They seem like pretty useful enchantments in that case to put inside your armor, for example. :D   Do the enchantments have any physical form? Like runes or sigils, or anything?   If they have power, does that change the Gore Wells anyway? I imagine a sludgy pool of viscera that's got nuclear-powered enchantment will be unpleasant in a different way than coal or electricity or whatnot. :)   Hope you find these questions useful. It's a disturbing invention you got there, incredibly morbid: which is exactly what I like about it.

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