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Confidence Spectrometer

Confidence Spectrometers detect and provide a readout of proximal confidence levels, and change color according to fluctuations in confidence, or sustained periods of high or low confidence.

Originally developed for Forensics, its history is rife with scandals of demonstrable falsifiability, ultimately culminating in a broad dismissal from reputable courts.

Some still put stead in it, but spectrometers still find a market among the paranoid, the amature spymaster, the novelty seeker, and the Auric.

It can be handy to keep a bullshit detector around, so long as you keep in mind that it might be the one bullshitting you.

I used to hang it outside my office as a decoration, but it turns out that the bullshit levels go off the charts when you have this much academia around.

Tech Clade(s)
Psio Tech
Tech Discipline(s)
Meta Element(s)
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Item type
Sensory / Aid


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Oct 20, 2022 22:06 by Grace Gittel Lewis

I wonder how this could be utilized by, say, therapists?

Oct 21, 2022 01:06 by Ademal

Given the accuracy of it, you'd want to approach that with caution and use it more as a supplementary tool for reflection rather than as a diagnostic measure. However, every mirror has value in giving us an opportunity to assess if what we perceive of ourselves matches what the world perceives of us!

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Dec 27, 2022 12:48

I sense a great deal of skepticism in this device.:-)   It would be helpful to see historical examples in which the device was used.

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