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Carmine De'Sig

Written by Barron

Carmine is a freelance mechanical Engineer specializing in Mecha Technology. He offers his services by contract for many employers, including his current position with Columbus Colonization, LLC.. He hails from the planet Sig V, but rarely talks about his past there. Carmine's ability to communicate and bring crewmates together are top skills on his resume.

Carmine's current goal is to practice his engineering skills enough to one day become a Monolith. He has many projects on the side; including his scavenged Digger Co. Exo-Rig, his small collection of model vehicles, and the Salamander Claws he dreams of building one day.

Growing Up

Carmine was born in raised in the backwash planet of Sig V. There was little food and even less money. Urban survival was the game, and learning to make his own mechnical implements proved key.

Joining Columbus

Carmine has a long history with Columbus Colonization. It was not long after leaving Sig V that he entered their service. It was an involuntary Federation draft at first, but turned into a contract later.

Working with Others

With enough experience, Carmine began to pick and choose the jobs he goes on. He leaves his work schedule open for friends, Adelai Maltinato being one of them.

Eyes to the Future

Carmine's goal in life is to become a Monolith. The best way he sees to do that right now is to improve his engineering skills, which he has been honing since his childhood on Sig V.

From the Backwaters

Carmine was born in a under-funded and under-developed world known as Sig V. He was raised in poverty, but not by his parents. His tutelage was the responsibility of the local crime lord, who purchased young Carmine in exchange for tickets off planet for the parents.

He grew into a successful engineer, having spent his entire childhood learning how to disassemble scrap for useful parts. Soon he moved from disassembly to creation, fortifying his gangs equipment with juryrigged improvements. He stayed with his clique all the way into his twenties. It was only with the collapse of the crime family and Carmine's cunning that he managed to escape Sig V to explore the stars.

To the Backwaters

Carmine was left with nothing to his name after leaving Sig V. He only had what was in his brain, and needed some way to fill his stomach. One of the few companies that pulled from Sig V refugees called Carmine offering employment. Columbus Colonization, LLC. took him as a "Engineering Freelancer."

At the beck and call of the company; Carmine deployed to the new worlds, helping small teams prospect and settle. He worked with all sorts of technology, and scavenged enough from each job to improve his own equipment. He is several planets deep into his career, and has since made a few close friends including Adelai Maltinato.

A good friend is worth more than a thousand acquaintances.

— Carmine's First Mantra
Carmine is a supporting character in the Ethnis Novella, "Relic Of the Past"


Biological Sex
Eye Features
Unaltered Dark Green
Hair Features
Black hair, slicked back
212 Lbs
Current Employer
Columbus Colonization, LLC.
Vocal Pattern
Speaks with a Hispanic accent.
Notable Scars
A trio of slashes dominates his right eye, given to him by an angry "Former Employer."


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Nov 16, 2021 23:57 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

A really interesting character. I like that you haven't gone too much into his backstory here but only given some intriguing hints. :D

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