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Calliope Molineux

Calliope is a character I have used to explore Ethnis with the ever amazing Oscar.

This one's for him. Love ya, Oscar!

Calliope Molineux is a freelance Handler. The GearHeart is very hands-on with his role. A clients stresses melt away under his expert organizational skills, firm massages, and auric soothing. All tricks he learned from his adoptive parents, a trio of Faecha, two of them who worked as Handlers.

Taking care of someone like Ankh is like getting into fine liquor. Crisp, clean, feels a bit haughty when you first get into it.

Then you notice the complexities. The subtle notes behind the bulk. You search for more, and find more. Soon it all comes together to become delictable experience.

Sure, I haven't partaken in the main course with him yet, but his passion bubbles just below the surface.

Calliope on his current Employer, Ankh.

Calliope's Employer: Ankh

An expert mycologist, Ankh is a Ral-Mi who never sits idle. He travels across the universe: collecting, studying, cataloging, and experimenting all manners of fungal life. His studies have led to several scientific breakthroughs, at the cost of the occasional breakdown.

In an effort to care for Ankh, Ankh's beneficaries hired Calliope to help manage his stress.

They've been working together for a year, and their relationship has evolved from purely professional to a chess match of flirts and teases.

From unknown beginnings

Calliope has no knowledge of his biological parents. At his infancy he was adopted by a triad of Faecha who migrated from his birthplace within the Church of The Somnolent to the Andromeda Syndicate

Two of his parents served Syndicate clientele as Auric Secretaries to raise funds, while the third stayed home to teach and train the young Calliope in the ways of Meta and hone his Nerve. The upbringing afforded good income, and he excelled in his teachings. He cast his first projection at eight years old, much to the pride of his parents.

He has never had reason to ask about his biological parents, though when discussed, his parents all agreed that they took him from a very dark place.


Once he reached adulthood and finished his primary education, Calliope gained certification as a Auric therapist, and offered his services as a Handler on the market. He bounced between several clients over the years. Some were pleasant, others not. Now he is with Ankh, his best client by far.

Despite the risk of getting too close to an client, Calliope is far beyond the realm of having a secret crush on Ankh. Over the course of months, his behavior evolved from the occassional long stare, to deliberate teases and suggestive innuendos. His constant flirtations bridge the gap between work and play, professionalism and pleasure much to Ankh's occasional chagrin.

Time on Kytheria

His work under Ankh brought him to the world of Kytheria, a world with great history and a greater variety of Fungi.

While Ankh worked the labs and experiments, Calliope strived to keep him happy, motivated, and fed. He also took on planning field excursions into the more dangerous areas of Kytheria to gather samples.

Their latest adventure will bring them to the Lōtos Karstway Basin to collect a unique fungal colony.


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15 May, 2023 16:47

Aw, I like Calliope. He seems sweet, and I bet his relationship with Ankh is fun to explore. <3

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