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Etherien Calendar

The Etherien Calendar is the universally valid and used display and calculation of time throughout Etheriel. It is mainly used to indicate global festivals, track historical events, and plan cross-species meetings and international trading routes.   Some species have calendars with entirely different time calculations, especially if they live in a secluded area with minimal or no contact with other communities and cultures. Still, most leave it to give the month its own names based on what fits best with respect to their culture.

Time calculation

The time calculation of Etheriel is based on the Gregorian calendar in regard to the number of days in a week, hours per day, and months in a year. This was created in this way to ease the time calculation within tabletop gaming sessions.

The Year

The year is divided into 12 months with 38 to 39 days each. The months again divide into groups of three to form the climatic seasons. The months' names are word combinations formed from associations, events, or corresponding animals.
Name Associated Words Season Length
1 Lupice Lupus (Wolf) + Ice Winter 39
2 Jesthaw Jester + Thaw Winter 38
3 Rooka Rook Spring 39
4 Bloomik Blooming + Pink Spring 38
5 Flounny Flower + Bunny Spring 39
6 Straey Strawberry + Honey Summer 39
7 Hayspice Hay + Spice Summer 39
8 Haruit Harvest + Fruit Summer 39
9 Woodfall Wood + Fall Fall 39
10 Faavel Falling + Travel Fall 39
11 Mirief Mist + Grief Fall 38
12 Snowling Snow + Healing Winter 39

The Week

A week consists of seven days named roughly aligned with the name meanings in the Gregorian calendar in most cases.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Name Moony Baory Midsay Thundy Freaay Soay Suny
In general, Moony to Freaay are considered as work days, while Soay and Suny are days of rest and household work for those who work outside their home. There are exceptions to this rule in professions with shifted rest days, buildings and landmarks where permanent safety measures are required as well as some academic institutions which prepare students and trainees for their future daily schedules.

Notes on the Calendrical Display

The calendar has set the first year of the Discovery Ages as 0 and counts upward from there, resulting in the year ranges stated below. The current year 368 PA is equivalent to the year 5106 of the calendar display. The time calculation resets to 1 at the beginning of each era for date specifications such as birthdays, days of a death, or the founding of organizations.
  • 0-1263 Discovery Ages (DA)
  • 1264-2791 Scientific Ages (SA)
  • 2792-4740 Shadow Era (SE)
  • 4740-current Peaceful Ages (PA)

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