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The Potesmic Statutes

"The Potesmic Statutes are essentially a list of rules for rulers, written by King Plomis himself. After the end of the Dregian Uprising, and the Dawn of Dregia, Plomis and the people who had followed him into battle against King Aupuntis wanted to create a better country to live in, one that could stand the test of time, against what they saw as the three main things that Augustia critically lacked: Merit, Accountability, and Freedom. And so they made three Statutes to lay the foundation for a country with all three."   -Patmos ver Umeret


To serve as a guideline for the governance of the new Dregian Empire.

Document Structure


There are three Statutes, or Clauses:

  1. Merit
  2. Accountability
  3. Freedom


No caveats.

Publication Status

The document is known of by anyone who knows anything about Dregian politics. The document itself, however, is stored in the Ligten palace.

Legal status

The Dregian Empire adheres to it in theory. However, in practice, the document is decaying as people at the top take an interest in exploiting things it outlaws and there is no one but other people at the top to stop them.

Historical Details


After the Dregian Uprising, in the creation of a new country full of people freed from Augustian bondage, King Plomis created the Dregian Statutes as a sort of constitutional law to protect against the horrors of Augustian rule.


The Age of Oppression and the Dawn of Dregia.


National treasure, however it is slowly fading away.


It supposedly still functions in 600 AA, but in a much less acknowledged capacity.

Decree, Governmental
Authoring Date
451 AA
Ratification Date
451 AA
Signatories (Organizations)

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