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Dregian Empire

The Dregian Empire is composed of Eastern Cansanda natives who rose up against their Augustian oppressors and formed their own empire.

Demography and Population

Composed of the Dregian ethnicity.


The eastern portion of the Cansandan continent belongs to the Dregian Empire. Their territory ends with the Yogisu border in Shiu-Ma to the east and the Augustian border to the west, as well as the Neripol Alliance borders to the north.


The Dregian National Military is drawn from all the Province's forces combining together. Each Province also contributes a general to help lead the army, but Ligten's general, the capital province, gets the final say in all decisions.   Footmen typically wear kettle helms and gambesons.

Technological Level

Dark Ages


Confused and undefined interpretatin of Augustian and Dregian folk beliefs.

Foreign Relations

Embroiled in the Fifty Years War with Augustia. Trade partners with the Neripol Alliance and the Yogisu Empire.

Trade & Transport

Primarily trades with the Neripol Alliance, and occasionally with the Eastern Yogisu Empire


Higher education is a rarity; most citizens learn a craft from their parents.


Communication: Road network, messenger system   Govt to Govt: Messenger service   Govt to Cit: Heralds/Criers/Decrees   Cit to Cit: Post system   Control: Military, guild leaders/employers   Why do people stay in the Empire: Shared heritage and cultural identity, unity and safety against the Augustian Empire.


  • Map of Dregian Empire

    A map of the Dregian Empire.

Head of State
King Trutis
Head of Government
Prince Illowen Potesm
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Economic System
Lloit coins. Small coins made of bronze, silver and gold, and varying in size to denote worth. Small bronze is least valuable, large gold is the most valuable. Also, large coins are still fairly small, only about the size of a baby's hand.
Major Imports
Metal, weapons of war, food, horses, all kinds of resources that funnel straight into the military from Neripol.
Legislative Body
The king at the top, and the provincials at the tops of their respective provinces.
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Related Ranks & Titles


Neripol Alliance sells weapons and supplies to both sides of the Fifty Years War.


Very light contact with one another, however the Yogisu Emperor sees them as an enemy of his enemy, the Augustians, and this helps their relationship.

Open War

Currently embroiled in the Fifty Years War.

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