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Augustian Empire

The Empire of Augus

The Augustian Empire is a heavily religious and traditional society occupying the western half of the Cansandan Continent. It is also the home country of Abernum Magathrin.

Demography and Population

Composed entirely of the Augustian ethnicity. Occasional Neripolic citizens travel for trade.


Western half of the Cansandan Continent. Their borders end in the Tolonor Region, both north (Neripol) and south (Dregia).


Military is large but exhausted. Generals primarily come from the Aristocracy.   Footmen typically wear a kettle helm and a padded jacket. They are armed with short swords and shields.   Spearmen are similarly armored to Footmen, but they are armed instead with long spears.   Archers are armed with powerful longbows.   Cavalry are armored lancers..   Signalling system consists of a horn blown by the leading officer(s):

  • Three quick blasts: "Make way for the cavalry!"
  • Two quick blasts: "Form up!"
  • Four quick blasts: "Archer's, fire!"

Technological Level

Dark Ages


All other religions aside from the Church of Augus are strictly forbidden.

Foreign Relations

A close trade relationship with Neripol, and open war with Dregia.

Trade & Transport

Primarily trades with the Neripol Alliance, and occasionally with the distant Hrillic Empire.


Higher education is a rarity; most citizens learn a craft from their parents.


Communication: Branch of the Church of Augus and the military   Govt to Govt: Messenger Deacons   Govt to Cit: Criers, Heralds   Cit to Cit: Messenger Reverends   Control: Military, Church of Augus   Why do people stay in the Empire: Strong national identity and pride, unity against the Dregian Empire, religious beliefs


  • Map of Augustian Empire

    A map of the Augustian Empire.

Head of State
King Vestos Auron
Head of Government
King Vestos Auron
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Augustian Mond coins.
Major Imports
Metal, weapons of war, food, horses, all kinds of resources that funnel straight into the military from Neripol.
Legislative Body
The King's Court
Judicial Body
Church of Augus
Official State Religion
Church of Augus
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations


Relations strained by past wars, but strengthened by current economic partnership.

Open War

Currently embroiled in the Fifty Years War.

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