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With their Titanframes seized and in the hands of the enemy, desperate bargaining began. Paradise had just one weapon left up its sleeve, but to unleash it would be to destroy the world. Thus, a treaty defined their fate, an agreement that would seal Paradise away in total isolation. The next century transformed the Isle of Paradise into a carefully manicured version of the past. With the power of Catalyst Intra, great barriers were raised, encircling the city center. The Lemniscate took the memories of the citizens, erasing their true history. Only the Keepers were untouched, and it was their duty to safeguard the truth, in preparation for a distant future. - The Journal of Keeper Nicholas of the Temple High Order


As members of the Temple of Titan, Keepers hold a lot of power and sway over the people and even the government. In Paradis, Keepers are a unique rank, and their duty is as the title implies - they keep records, information, and general knowledge of the true history of Paradis, formally called Paradise. They are also tasked with preserving the secret of the Walls, safeguarding Catalyst Intra, and observing the passing of the Lemniscate from one member of the royal family to the chosen heir.


The Temple of Titan is an incredibly insular and secretive group with two faces - one for the public, and one for its sworn in members. Keepers are members of a select few families living in the upper echelons of society, chosen generations ago to hold the right to their memories of their own history, and the true origins of Paradis. Many rites of passage and tests of faith must be endured to obtain the rank of Keeper, to ensure that all Keepers are loyal and steadfast in their duty. Signs of disloyalty or hesitancy are immediately met with execution to guarantee that all their secrets remain safe.


Above all else, Keepers must keep the secrets they have sworn to protect safe from even the most innocent of ears. No citizen of Paradis is exempt, not even other members of the Temple of Titan, not even those occupying the highest positions in government; if one does not already know the secrets, then one was never meant to.


Among their most sacred and important duties are to Catalyst Intra and the Lemniscate.

Accoutrements & Equipment

To remain discreet, Keepers wear the same robes and decals as other Templars of Titan, but keep a hidden token to denote their true status, which they use to access restricted zones and identify themselves to each other. This token, a palm-sized disc bearing the seal of Prophet Evelyn Kain, is made of geometrite taken from Catalyst Intra. The "engraving" is actually formed by very precise resonance tuning to shape the grooves into the desired image. Only nine exist, as only nine Keepers can hold the title at any given time.
Religious, Special
Form of Address
Source of Authority
Prophet Evelyn Kain
Length of Term
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