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Tome of the Moon Gardens

The Elves maintain the strongest and most colorful record of creation currently known, and they are gathered into collections known as the Tomes of the Moon Gardens, and are oft reprinted as a favorite in elven literature.  

Tome of the Moon Gardens

The First Morning

From darkness arose the mind, whispered into breathe and life by [The One]. Eyes opened filled with moonlight and starlight, ears witnessing the running of a brook and the soft murmur of the wind scented with new blooms. Stunned with beauty they lay, the first to awaken, the first to witness. As the dawn arrived, the sky was shattered with purple, pink, orange and red. The brook reflected the sky, and light brighter than any other streamed through the cracks between the trees. Roused before the others from the slumbers of birth, and so [The One] blessed these firstborn with long days, and the glistening wisdom of the night. On this morn they were charged with protection and stewardship of the world. This is the responsibility and the weight given to the first of thought and language upon the world. But these were not [the elves], they were neither [man] nor [dwarf] nor [halfling], but the fathers of them all. The highest amongst spirits born into flesh, they were ordained as rules upon the world. This was the morning first as told Cirden of the firstborn.


The Garden of the Moon

In the days of dawn, there was an abundance of peace. The firstborn began to grow in number, exploring and naming all they lied eyes on. The gardeners stayed however, bound by duty to care of the Moon Garden, the place of their creation. By day, the garden was filled with blossoms of the rainbow painted against an emerald backdrop. Blues, reds, yellows and pinks, they danced to the songs of the wind, and rested in measured pauses. Warmth radiated against cool still pools and running brooks, clear as glass, reflecting the splendor they too witness. It was a beautiful and wondrous place, with paths winding outward like a corkscrew from a central pool, called the [Moon Mirror]. Surrounding the pool was a great field of dancing colors that grew upwards into bushes, trees, and monuments of nature. It was pure symbiosis between the garden and the gardeners, where shelter, food and water were provided while the gardeners cared for flora and fauna alike. At night the garden was even more beautiful. The glittering stars and shining moonlight reflected in the pools, and causing the flora to glow. The paths lit in pale glow, spiraling through the quiet darkness. There was no fear of darkness, nor fear at all. They were not troubled with the likes of philosophy, the pain of justice nor the hurt of war.


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