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The Druid and the Goat

As the story goes, a Druid of a drunken name hailing from Talamandil was headed to Talenbai. After surviving the forgotten woods, and making it through the mountain pass he found himself enamoured by our grassless lands and wondered what life might eat from our shaggy fields. He blew a horn, the magical sort, that called out to the local beasts. And what came a running across our unshorn plains? Why a giant goat of course! But this poor Druid, oh the poor man, had never in his life seen such a large horned beast. He saw them come a running, a thundering across the rocky plains and while his companions greeted the big billies with a laugh and a hah, that Druid dropped his horn, turned his unshifted tail and ran until he wet himself in the Northern sea!


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