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Estian Masters


What is an Estian Master?

Masters are a role for the world of Estia that unlock gamemaster tools for the content. This includes secrets, puzzles, tables and gamemaster guides for major developed areas of the world along with access that players and watchers have.

How do I become an Estian Master?

Find me on discord: Syntax#3718 and let me know your WorldAnvil username so I can add you as a master.

Is there any cost?

As of right now, no. If Estia begins to take off you may see Masters become Patreon only with exception for loyal Masters who contribute and help with Estia's development. This is because the more subscribers Estia has, the more cost will be involved with the WorldAnvil account. You'll be notified of any changes very early on though!


Join The Watchers

Become a watcher and get access to things going on in Estia right now, and solve puzzles and clues right alongside the players!


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