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The continent of Eastphalia is just starting to come into its own. The city states scattered around the landmass and adjacent islands were settled only around 200 years ago, and borders are beginning to be drawn up. Ire and intrigue are nothing new in the Old World where the Estaphalians' ancestors hail, but with mapped territory starting to run out and few willing to venture far from their homelands, friction and nationalism are on the rise, and power hungry opportunists are looking for a chance to capitalize on the growing tensions and possible wars to come.   Further away from the more densely populated lands, Estaphalia is also one of immense beauty, wonder, danger and mystery. Ruins are occasionally stumbled upon by unwary woodsmen without any obvious reason for how they came to be there. Unmapped cave systems, untraversed plains and unscaled mountains call to the daring to be the first to conquer the unknown, and revel in the wonder and adventure that awaits.

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