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Ozren Velasche

After the Day of Retribution: He wondered the world for fifty or so years, figuring out his place in the world after such trauma and grief. During fifty years he travelled and rediscovered the Druid Groves and circles secreted from the world.   Taught for a while: Botany and has a handful of gifted students across the world. His roles in Avera: He returned to Avera, met with Xan and asked to teach and spend time within Avera cultivating the Cities many Parks and wildlife areas.   Regarding his aging; Hes weirded out by it, suspects either Xan and/or Mystra did something to him. Until he realizes that its just the type of magic he employs.   His relationship with Xanathar: Friendly but wishes distance. Get along well enough. Occasionally gets together for a drink and reminiscing about the past.   His role on the council: Rarely shows up for meetings, generally bored with the exception of expansion into the wilds.   His time at balthazars: Teaches in the greenhouse and the Astrodome. When pressed about history of cinderthorn, he does talk about it, but avoids some memories like the plague.
Current Status
Just livin life...
Current Location
Silvered with Yellow Tinge
Super long silver hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Celestian (Deceased/Former)
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Related Myths


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