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Dragons Rise

Basic Description Dragon’s Rise is a multicultural city centered around a massive shrine to Bahamut carved into a cliffside, consisting largely of dragonborn, with a smaller share of humans and halflings living there as well. The city is split into four districts, with three of these run by three dragonborn clans and the fourth as a primary hub for non-dragonborn residents and visitors.     The Shrine of Bahamut Carved into the side of a massive cliff is a huge alcove, with stairs leading up to a life-size statue of a dragon, sitting at attention and gazing down at a small shrine at its base. This shrine is of the draconic god Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon, and the three clans have worshipped him here for longer than they’ve been recording their history. No one is sure who erected such a statue, nor who made it into a shrine, but most of the dragonborn of Dragon’s Rise, the Lightbringer Clan especially, believes that it was put there by the god himself.         The City Overall, Dragon’s Rise is split into four unified but separate districts; The Sawtooth District in the western part of the city, the Silverscale District in the southern part of the city, the Lightbringer District in the north, and the Scaleless District in the east. Each clan has a Clan Hall in their respective district, located as close to the Shrine as possible (with the exception of the Scaleless District, which is not directly affiliated with any clan), and each district is designed, more or less, with the specialties of each clan in mind. The specifics of each District are as follows;   The Sawtooth District This district is mostly located against the cliff face and the caves therein. The buildings on the outside are mostly barracks for the local guard and militia, but the main military barracks are located in the surface level caves and tunnels of the cliff, both for it’s easily defensible position and to keep watch on the deeper cave systems, on the off chance they are invaded again, though the chances of this are slim and have one exception: a tribe of brass Kobolds, headed by a winged kobold by the name of Dynn. This aside, anyone, dragonborn or not, who wishes to bear arms in defense of Dragon’s Rise, are welcome to make their homes in this district. The inhabitants of Dragon’s Rise are well aware of the kobolds that inhabit some of the deeper parts of the cliffside caves. Members of the three clans see this as a boon for both the city and the kobolds - the kobolds are allowed access to the city as any other race would be, and the kobolds work to scout out the caves and deal with some of the unwanted jobs within the city itself (something they do in secret, and don’t seem to mind). They have made a series of well constructed tunnels beneath the city, and seem genuinely happy to be a part of a more civilized society. Dynn in particular is happy with the arrangement as a form of repentance for his ancestors actions, as he and his also worship the good aligned Bahamut.   The Silverscale District This district is located in the southern part of the city, and is the primary arcane and business center for Dragon’s Rise. One can find a shop for just about anything in this district, and there is a premiere academy for the arcane arts as well, run by Serena Silverscale herself. Additionally, the Silverscale Clan Hall works as a bank of sorts, and is the primary financial institution in Dragon’s Rise.   The Lightbringer District This district is located in the northern part of the city and is the primary hub for social and religious buildings and organizations. This district is also the primary residential area for many of the dragonborn in Dragon’s Rise. Additionally, as a show of the growing and graceful acceptance of the mixed culture of Dragon’s Rise, the Lightbringer Clan has constructed a non-denominational temple for the non-dragonborn inhabitants of the city. This said, most Lightbringer clerics do their worship and religious duties at the Shrine of Bahamut. The Lightbringer District is also home to a hospital, where healers both magical and mundane ply their trade to any and all who might need their help.   The Scaleless District This district is a bit of a misnomer, mostly because other scaled races, including dragonborn not affiliated with the Three Clans, can be and are present there. This district is run by officials elected by vote from the members of the entire city to represent not only the voice of the Scaleless, but the voice of the people as a whole. In a way, this elected leader is, more or less, the Mayor of Dragon’s Rise Despite this, however, their rank and their responsibilities never reach beyond that of the Three Mothers, the heads of the Three Clans. Unlike the other three districts, the Scaleless District has no real specialization. Rather, this place is more of a general area for those new to the city, or those who do not have their place among the Three Clans. As such, many who visit the city start here.


Dragon’s Rise is governed by the head of each of the Three Clans, called the “Three Mothers” locally, in a council of sorts. Each Mother has their own set of advisors and governors and what have you, but for the most part all decisions regarding the well being and ruling of the city are made amongst the three of them. Additionally, it is typically accepted that, when it comes to a matter that is directly affected by a single clan’s specialty, the other Clans defer to that Clan. In individual terms, there is something of an imperial hierarchy within Dragon’s Rise. Dragonborn of the Three Clans are considered to be at the top of this hierarchy socially, and are considered nobility while within the city. After them are Dragonborn not of the Three Clans, who are regarded as those of high birth, but not of nobility, and after this are the Scaleless races, who in turn are regarded more or less depending on a variety of factors that aren’t necessary to go over here.     The Sawtooth Clan Headed by the powerful warmaiden Rowena Sawtooth, this clan of red dragonborn consists largely of warriors and leaders. Their name comes from a particular genetic quirk that causes their teeth to grow with serrated edges, as well as from a mythical ancestor, Sawtooth the Violet, whose story is saved for another time. The Sawtooth Clan makes their home mostly in the easily defensible cliffside homes and the refurbished cave systems within the cliff itself. The Sawtooth Clan is largely in charge of defense, law keeping, and tactical leadership for Dragon’s Rise.   The Silverscale Clan   Headed by the renowned wizard Serena Silverscale, this clan of silver dragonborn consists of scholars, mages, and bards for the most part. Their name is simply taken from their scale color, though this is where the clan’s mundanity ends. Most Silverscale’s are uncommonly beautiful and charming, and make their homes in the southern district of Dragon’s Rise. The Silverscale Clan is largely in charge of education, arcanic, and financial leadership of Dragon’s Rise.     The Lightbringer Clan   Headed by the reverent and graceful Quella Lightbringer, this clan of gold dragonborn consists of acolytes, healers, and priests of Bahamut. Their clan name is not ancestral (their true clan name has been lost to history) and comes from the accepted belief that the Lightbringer’s were the ones who brought the clans together under Bahamut’s banner when their enemies emerged from the cliffside, and this legacy continues as they tend to the Shrine almost exclusively. The Lightbringer Clan is in charge of religious, medical, and social leadership for Dragon’s Rise.


The dragonborn clans that run Dragon’s Rise are the Sawtooth Clan, the Silverscale Clan, and the Lightbringer Clan. The head of each clan, chosen from within by their own means, is tasked with overseeing the overall governmental aspects of the city, such as infrastructure, military, and education. For this reason, those within these three clans are automatically considered nobility within the city, regardless of their standing. Before the founding of Dragon’s Rise, the three clans held tribal camps near the cliffside in reverence of the Shrine of Bahamut, with each clan vying for territory and access to the site. However, these years of conflict would end when, from the caves and tunnels winding through the cliffside itself, a large force of goblinoids and kobolds would force them to band together. The day the final battle was fought and the clans rose victorious over their shared enemies, the three clans agreed to settle their differences and join together. They called this day kear di wer lleisgar di wer darastrixi, the “day of the rise of the dragons” roughly in Common, and founded the town of lleisgar di wer darastrixi, which was eventually shortened to Lleisgar Darastrixi or, again in Common and as it is more easily known, Dragon’s Rise. To this day, the dragonborn of Dragon’s Rise still celebrate the Day of the Dragons’ Rise annually, in remembrance of what they overcame, though despite this there is still some small tension between the clans. While they are more or less one people now, the dragonborn clans of Dragon’s Rise still operate independently, as follows;

Detanes Lament (November 1085 AC)


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