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One of the most influential lands in the North Realms, Sviarland lies between Reidgotaland, Nidavellir, and Kvenland.   Despite the name, the Sviars are only one of several tribes calling the peninsula home. Additionally the land is shared with the Goths, Lapps, and the Dani (in Skane). The Sviars are the strongest tribe, and their royal family, the Ynglings, control Uppsalir, Dalar, and Jamtla.   Sviarland consists of seven petty kingdoms: Dalar, Jamtla, Lappmarken, Njarar, Ostergotland, Skane, and Uppsalir. Because Skane has traditionally been held by the Skjöldungar (royal clan of Reidgotaland), it is oft considered part of the land, rather than part of Sviarland.   The Sviarlanders exist primarily on a barter economy. However, they believe in the value of precious metals such as gold and silver, thus will trade for it. This has introduced some foreign silver coins into use, primarily those from Valland and Miklagard, and even the occasional Serklander coin.

Natural Resources

The primary natural resources found in Sviarland are iron, amber, pelts, and soapstone. Soapstone is important because it is soft enough to be cut with a knife when found, but hardens in open air. Fur and thralls are also key trade goods.

Inspiration Notes

  Sviarland lies in what would be modern Sweden. I put the name together from an Old Norse name for the Swedes (Sviar), mainly to keep the kingdom name similar to most of the other kingdoms. The alternative was “Sverige” which is mentioned in Beowulf.
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